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Sonnet 18+ (with apologies to Shakespeare)

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Shall I compare thee to Christian Grey?

Thou art more muscly and more dominant:

Rough hands do spank the tender parts in play,

And little Grey becomes more prominent.

Sometime too hard the hand or whip maligns, 

And often is the butt’s complexion marr’d,

And every sub from pain sometime declines,

And opts for nature’s buttocks left unscarr’d.

But thy eternal fervour shall not fade,

Nor lose obsession with that part that grow’st,

Nor shall none brag thy Greyness they did shade,

When your eternal Domness is the mow’st,

      So long as subs can bend or take a knee,

      So long lives kink, and this gives wood to thee.

This is awesome! 😂😂😂
I have the backing track for this, Sting - Like a beautiful smile... 😊🤣
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