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Looking for advice on remote vibrators


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Hi, I've always been into some quite kinky porn but not tried a lot of it. Recently my husband and I have recently started trying new things and we are really enjoying it. Our sex life had become a bit stale and I lost a lot of interest but now its amazing and I am horny a lot of the time. The problem is my husband works long hours, often over night, and isn't home much and although I can (and do) take care of it myself I would like to try a vibrator that he can control from work.

Ideally I would love some sort of vibrator that I cant remove but not sure what to get. I prefer clitoral stimulation so needs to have that but fine with it having a vaginal component as well. I've looked at chastity belts but not sure I'm ready to try one yet, they seem very expensive and not sure how much I would like it. I also would have to wear it for at least 12 hours so would need to be comfortable and could still go about my daily life/toilet etc. I've seem quite a few app controlled vibrators that look good but cant thing of how to make them so I cant remove them. The thought of not being in control is a huge turn on for me and knowing I could remove it makes it loose its appeal. 

The idea I have in my head is something similar to this that I could hook onto a padlocked belt

-  lovehoney-venus-butterfly-10-function-hands-free-vibrator*    That I could fit an app controlled vibrator into.

Also would love to hear some experienced reviews on app controlled vibrators




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I have a Lovense hush and I love it! My Daddy can make scream from where ever. I understand the not being able to remove it aspect. It would easily fit under a lockable belt of some kind.
Yes if you look up the love hush toy, it's a app remote vibrator that can be bluetoothed and used anywhere in the world by the one who has it linked to their app
Although I expect it is possible to get the remote control feeling you are after the enforced security may prove challenging. You may find ways to keep the device locked in but maintaining connectivity could prove a bigger hurdle. Turning off your phone providing the connection for example. Maybe trying to video all the fun can be an insentive to push and keep going and you can both have fun watching it back later.
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