How can you incorporate fetish clothing into your everyday look? Just how daring can you be? Find out! 

video of fetish clothing you can rock in public


Fetish clothing to be worn underneath

There are some more extreme options you can get away with under your clothing. You can wear them in the naughty knowledge that you've got something that turns you on under your normal, everyday clothes. No one else knows, unless you let them know.

Lingerie, corsets and hosiery as fetish clothing

Lingerie is the most obvious fetish clothing of this kind. No matter what your style - lacy, vintage, Victoria's Secret - lingerie was at least initially intended to be worn under clothing. Having elaborate lingerie in your favourite fabric is a unique sensory experience.

Corsets are another type of fetish clothing you can wear under your other clothes. They provide the satisfying feeling of constriction and shape your body under your clothing.

Hosiery is also technically a lingerie category but has a unique following all it’s own. You can wear something simple for the sensation, or you can be eye-catching, with intricate lace, fishnets, or other creative options.

More extreme fetish clothing: rope bondage, harnesses, strap-ons and vibrators

Rope Bondage can be worn under clothing—if you use a rope with a small enough diameter, 4mm or less, you can create intricate harnesses and ties. Unless you wear something really stretchy and formfitting, this kind of fetish clothing can be completely invisible if done correctly.

Though you may struggle to fit a full on leather harness under your clothing, you can likely fit one of the stretchy low-profile ones either completely unseen or just peeking out from under your clothing. They’ll have a similar constrictive experience to rope with less friction, which is a pro or a con depending on who you’re talking to.

Strap-On Harnesses are a bit different from the harnesses mentioned above but another great type of fetish clothing. Different strap on-harnesses will work better or worse depending on what you’re wearing. 'Underwear’ style harnesses will almost always work, while Jock-style, leather harnesses, and others with a lot of buckles will be too bulky for most clothing.

Whether or not you bring along a toy to strap in, and whether or not you get any action later, it can be an incredibly charged experience to know you’re ready if you do.

Vibrators can sometimes be worn under clothing and controlled with a vibrator by yourself or someone else. This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but there are very few good examples of products that work very well for this. The OhMiBod Blue Motion is app controlled, same with the WeVibe Four and the newer JeJoue Nua. Being app controlled, they’re super discreet, so you’re able to control them from your phone.

young woman wearing leather jacket
Fulfil your leather fantasy

Fetish clothing out in the open

There are fetish clothing articles and accessories that some of us love to wear for sexual reasons and which we can get away with wearing out in the open. Leather has become more and more appropriate to wear publicly as fetish clothing.

Leather jackets have been ‘in’ since the 80s, but leather pants, skirts, dresses, and shirts are becoming increasingly visible on fashion week runways and street style blogs.

man wearing fetish clothing collar outside
Collared out and about

Collars and spandex as fetish clothing

You can also get away with collars as fetish clothing. Opt for beautiful, high-end metal numbers (which look more like a fashion statement than a sign of being owned) or a puppy or kitty collar if you’re into pet play. Many people have a ‘public appropriate’ collar versus a ‘home’ collar, so they can be collared 24/7 without drawing attention to the nature of their relationship.

Spandex might get made fun of by some if you’re wearing a biking outfit, but tight fitting leggings and athletic gear are becoming more and more acceptable for everyday wear. Now that more athletic style clothing is gracing runways, you can find more beautiful and higher-quality, tight-fitting garments.

These are just a few of the many, many options available to those who are interested in wearing some fetish clothing and accessories out in public. The world of fetish clothing is a broad and nuanced one, with different people having different needs and desires for the things they wear.

Experiment with what you might find both delightful and appropriate for public wear. It all depends on you.


Caitlin is a writer, sex educator, consultant, and product reviewer who focuses primarily on issues of sex toy and accessory safety, pleasure, sexuality, gender, and more. Visit her website,

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since i work for myself and my look is in the alternative aspect i like to wear my dominant outfits in public

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Where do you purchase your fetish clothes? Best quality sites!?

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I’m quite often wearing something black and Lacey under work clothes - keep the stockings and suspenders for those days when I have important meetings.

Haven’t worn the harness to the office. Yet.

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... To spice up my normal every days and to feel like an authentic bad ass ha ha... I will incorporate leather, lace, fishnet, collars, half face masks that I find alluring, corsets, chains, sexy accessories like anklet etc, black rope (blends with clothes), lingerie or wear visible lace some how.... even if it’s just lacey socks.... (i love dressing up at heart)....

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Look for something real.

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Posted (edited)

Love this article!!! I love the freedom you can feel while wearing certain items of clothing for me it's lingerie, I have also worn a harness under my clothing to work too in the past and I love just a subtle collar you can wear in public also. When I was goth all those years ago I use to wear corsets and basques and such out and about I always felt liberated and sexy!!!! Still do now I love my latex and leather!!!! 

Edited by lil-monster
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