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Comfort me mommy..


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My lonely night calling being answered by my secret mystical lover 🥰

Her warm hands touch the bottom of my cold bare feet and glides them in a very sensational manner up my legs to my crotch. My body reacts in a typical manner for this kind of intimate touch, with my legs fiddling about and my hips wedging about sustaining as much contact with mommy as possible. Through my pyjamas, one of her hands makes its way to my scrotum, where she presses very gently and supports the little weight of them right before humming into them sending vibrations right into me as my thighs open and close slowly trying to keep as much physical contact with mommy as possible.

Mommy tells me I’ve been very good waiting for her and she will let me sleep with her once again.. a treat beyond treats 🍬 .. I cover my face with the pillows and squeal a very small sound of embarrassment for my wants and greed keeping mommy with me and not somewhere else.

Mommy comes up to take the pillows away from my face and settles it down for both of us to lay on whilst I naturally hide my face in between her beautiful soft chest with her skin smelling sweet like cherries 🍒 her arm naturally comes around me and holds me there while she raises her thigh in between my legs all the way up for my little balls to rest on and for me to gently squeeze on with my thighs.

Now I am captured, constantly trying to grind on mommy’s thigh while I make tiny noises as my face keeps trying to burrow itself into her chest, holding her tight to me while she holds me from the back of my head and my bum, like a baby. I breathe mommy’s air as her sweet voice travels rings and rings all around my head taking me completely out of reality and into a desperate loving state where I’m guided to stroke myself without any strict guidance to enjoy the time and the rest of the night to come.

As I stroke I’m hit with another sensational loving action of mommy’s gentle nails in my hair and going against my scalp, I’m sent to heaven and right when I tighten all my body squeezing mommy’s thigh and holding her very tight to me, the magical phrases “my good boy”, “my favourite little one”. Amplify within my head as I’m sent to ecstasy, pulsating and throbbing every couple of seconds.

Far into the depths of what I may call sub space, mommy lifts my head up a tiny bit while I gasp for some air and her mystical lips kiss me aggressively while my back is treated to mommy’s gentle nails following with a tiny threat of aggressiveness being part of the aggressive nature of her kisses. “I love you 💜😘🥰” and “🥰🥰I love you mommy.. so much 🥰🥰

My journey coming back to this dream reality is welcomed by the feeling of being super drained, loved and tired. Mommy already knows this and rests my head back into her chest as I fall asleep cradling my arms around her. Thank you mommy 🥰🙏💜🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️
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I keep saying I don’t want to do the mommy thing anymore… but then along comes another one like this and I go into mommy mode automatically.

YES this

Is why I am mommy

Thank you for writing that
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