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Latex Balloon Fetish

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Hey Everyone,


Does anyone have a sexual fetish towards latex balloons?

Personally for me, the bigger, the better. I love experimenting with helium balloons. Im often referred to as a popper (as opposed to a non-popper) as I like to burst them, particularly near to climax.

Let me know if there are any like minded looners out there as I have yet to come across any?

  • 3 months later...

I have this balloon fetish and it's my only fetish. I'm a non-popper though

  • 1 month later...

i am right there with you guys.  i just found this site and would love to find some others to talk with about the fetish. 

  • 1 year later...

i love when a woman sits on a balloon and dances on it before its pops and puts the balloon on my face and shes sits on it balloon face rideing  as any one try it it is good

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