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What do you require as aftercare??


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We are all individuals and delve into what we like.

Some play sessions are harder on us mentally than others.
As we allow our vulnerability to show whilst another is in charge to look after us and make sure we are okay and receive what we desired/ expected.

It’s could just be a hug or you may not need anything at all, but what do you like as part of your aftercare?
Personally i need to talk about things, explain what i was feeling and when, i like to know how they felt about things. My answers can be different when asked straight away after or a few days later. There has been times i do need a cuddle but i only ask depending on who im with, if they arnt the cuddle type i try to get comfort elsewhere like asking for a blanket, this is normally after an emotional/overwhelmed response to something
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I am so glad someone has asked this. It  can seem so strange to say I want this to hurt somewhat, but then feel you need holding after. Well... no it is not strange at all but. I mmm I could not sub without it to be honest... If I am going to bleed mentally or emotionally, the one thing I don't want to have to beg for is some aftercare.



oh and the answer is holding. I need holding, telling I'm beautiful and...well it is like being underwater and coming up to fast without decompression.

Anyway yes, hold me and tell me I am still beautiful.


Oh dear I'm the odd one out... I like to be left on a high with a growl in the, ear and a "if you think it's over yet just wait until next time".... 

The very most I would want is a cup of tea.... 


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