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Experiencing my foot fetish


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Hey, I was wondering about any information people might have regarding experiencing their foot fetish for the first time. I've wanted to try with a woman for a long time to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Keep looking.... dont part with your hard earned cash for these young girls with no interest in anything other than your money!! You will find someone out there that is happy to satisfy your fetish and gets off on it too!!
To all the girls on this post demanding money for any attention if that’s all your after I will be reporting accounts with screenshots as this isn’t about turning a profit! It’s about a love and interest for the kink of you are only here to make money then you’re on the wrong site.. it’s ruining it for the people who like findom for more than just tangible aspects.
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If you do decide to go the financial route, please go with a professional not these young lasses out to rinse your wallet..

@Marie999 @Maddyboo @Casey999 and @DollyLou69 You should all be ashamed of yourselves..None of you have a financial services profile and are breaking multiple rules posting here, and have all been reported..it disgusts me that BDSM has parasites like you attempting to leach off our kinks and giving newbies totally the wrong impression and putting them off the scene/lifestyle entirely.

@Shaun991 Try not to over think it, it's one of the more vanilla kinks and a lot more women enjoy it than you seem to realise..but if you make it a big deal they might too..offer to massage feet after a long day as a way in..slowly slowly, if you're having vanilla sex raise her legs so the feet are close to your mouth.. don't go straight for sucking..a gentle kiss on a sole or arch, a toe perhaps ..read her reactions , odds are as she's already aroused it will just heighten the experience for her and make it one she wants to repeat..which is your in..don't give up, just don't stigmatise yourself, make it no big deal.

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2 hours ago, TAINTEDLOVE941 said:

very cool honest girl

Only one of them has a financial services profile.. @Youngandkinkythe rest are the total opposite of honest..

43 minutes ago, Casey999 said:

A friend recommended this to me i had no idea of the rules, only had it for a few hours and that comment i didnt type, and im financially stable thanks :)  all i got told by my friend was you could sell photos of your feet so i thought why not 

Interesting that if you've been hacked, as you seem to imply, you can still access the account and comment..and if you joined expressly to sell items when you signed up why didn't you tick the financial services option..? All seems very convenient..but I'm sure members and Moderators/Admin will make their own minds up. 




A little bit does depend on what sort of foot fetish experience you're actually looking for.

But, here's my tips.

As fetishes go, foot fetish is fairly vanilla and widely accepted. 

However, you'd be surprised at how many women in general have had some sort of experience where a foot guy has been a creep to her, or someone she knows.

Don't treat it like it's taboo, or some big secret, or something you desperately need to tell someone else you'll come across as the above.

OK.  So from here, what you now need is someone to do it with - and this doesn't have to be complicated : you meet someone, you go on a date - and then perhaps there's a prelude to sex.   

Kissing feet as part of foreplay. There you go.  Context permitting a subject might come up like she has sore feet, this is how I started with one of my partners, she complained of sore feet, I offered a foot rub and then I started kissing and - there we go.

I sound a bit like a POA - but what I'm saying is don't make it complicated.  Nobody owes you your fetish, but. it's something easy to normalise.


Don’t make it an obsession. Girls/women don’t like freaks. Also most don’t like feet either. It will take time before you find the right one but don’t looking for one just for a fetish! The one you will treat well and care will accept your fetish. But in another note footfetish is one of the biggest as you can see cash girls were out as soon you asked the question! So women/girls are aware of it, just be casual about it and introduce it slowly and gently with some compliments how they look nice!
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