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First Experience

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I stare at you wide-eyed with anticipation. This look is different from the looks you’ve given me before. Our first meeting. Your eyes were kind. Soft and playful. The kind of blue that reminded anyone of innocence and purity. Your coy and play grin, when you greeted me for the first time. “Hello beautiful.” You didn’t know it, but from that first meeting, I was captivated. We had shared so much with one another on that first night. Not meaningless small talk though. It made me feel like I had known you my entire life. Never struggling for the next topic of conversation. Words just flowing with rhythm and ease.

That first meeting turned to the second, then the third, and at this point I had lost how many times we had been in each other’s presence. Somehow each one feeling just as invigorating as this last. But not this one. This time, I was ***. Ensnared. Tangled in every glance you shot towards me. Every soft brush of my skin sent electricity through each of my nerve endings. I knew this time would be different.

I lay there, enveloped in your stare. Having forgotten just how I ended up this way. The blur of passion from the doorway, to….your bedroom. I could still feel the sting your lips had left behind on my skin. Feeling it radiate from the nape of my neck, down my chest, into my stomach, and stopping where your face rested between my thighs. I was sure you would feel the moist heat coming from me and my cheeks flushed.

You looked up, a look that make me tingle and shutter. “Are you ready little one?” You asked with that devilish grin and brown lifted. I shook my head. Pressing my lips together. “I need a verbal answer princess”. I could feel the hear rising until I was sure my entire face was on fire.

I recount the promise you had made me earlier that night. I had wanted you from the first night. Wanted to feel more than just your hand on my thigh. More than just the soft kisses along my skin. You had promised me that if I was patient, I would get exactly what I wanted. Patience wasn’t exactly my strong suit. Though, somehow you had instilled it in me. I waited. Somehow managing to keep myself from letting my instincts take over. Accepting only what was giving to me, and despite wanting more, being at ease with it.

I stared back, almost unable to get the words out. “Yes….” You wanted a second longer before I finished. Knowing exactly what you were waiting for. I knew you’d wait an eternity for me to say what you wanted. “….daddy”. I was surprised by my own words and how easily they flowed. How they sounded coming from my own mouth.

There it was, that devilish half grin that made my insides melt. Looking almost cynical. “Good girl.” Your gaze slowly left time, as you disappeared between my legs. I tilted my head back and my back arched instinctively. I felt your hands grip my hips. Pushing me back into the mattress. Heat danced along my inner thighs as your lips ran up them. Kissing them, taking turns on each side. A sudden jolt of electricity caused me to let out a soft whimper. Your teeth grazed along the path they had just claimed as their own. “You remember what we talked about princess?” I still couldn’t see your eyes, your voice was soft and muffled against my skin. I knew exactly what you were referring to.

I remembered our conversation, you were so casual about it. Like you’d had the conversation a million times. You had told me you wanted me. That you wanted all of me. You would care for me. You would…..fuck me. Heat floods my face more, and I’m sure that at any moment my entire body will burst into flames. I had never had anyone be so upfront and open with their desires. I wasn’t a virgin, so I had no idea why it made me squirm to hear you say you wanted to fuck me. You continued to tell me about your interests and the more you spoke, the more my interest peaked. I remembered you telling me that I had the control and how you would respect my boundaries and stop anything I wasn’t comfortable with. The thing is….I wasn’t sure what I was comfortable with and what I wasn’t.

Your eyes find mine again, “you tell me if something is too much and I will stop princess.” I shake my head in agreement, waiting for what came next. One last kiss to the inside of my thigh, and you lifted yourself from between my legs. You were standing at the foot of the bed now. My body still tingling and savoring your touch. I wanted to reach out and pull you back to me, but I knew that would be met with your favorite saying. Patience is virtue. I had so much to learn from you and I was ready.

I watched as you walked towards the chest in the corner of your room. I lifted myself to my elbows. Waiting for what came next. You turned, facing me now. Holding a red silk blind fold and rope. My mind began racing. Rope? I knew you could see the curiosity on my face. The heat flushing my cheeks. “I’m going to put this over your eyes, and you’re going to lie very still princess. Okay?” Your words were like silk, running over my body. “And….” I swallowed. “….the rope?” You chuckled and nodded towards the head of the bed. “That’s the keep you in place. I’m going to tie it around your wrists and secure it to the bed posts.” I shot a look behind me, and then back at him. Nodding in agreement. “If you squirm too much, I’ll have your legs bound next”. That was it, I was absolutely sure my body would burst into flames the moment he touched me again.

Securing the blindfold around my eyes, I felt his breath beside my ear. Coasting down my neck. “Now, hands above your head and on your back.” Instinctively my body obeyed. I felt the rough thread of the rope against my skin. Tugging my arms into place alongside my head. Causing all of my senses to become controlled. I could hear muffled noises. Sure that it was my own heartbeat in my ears. I wasn’t sure where he went, but I lie there. Still. Devoured by the anticipation. I felt a soft, but firm hand graze down the center of my sternum. I was exposed. Lying there on display and unable to cover myself. The touch continued. Sweeping across my navel and along the top of my pubic bone. My hips moved towards your touch. “Ah ah ah, what did I say about being still?”.

I relax. Not wanting to find out the consequences of my body’s reaction. I feel your hands slide over my hips, fingers hooking the edges of my panties. I remain still. “Lift your ass princess”. I do as I’m told. Feeling the lace slide down my thighs, over my knees and feet. My thighs wanted to close. To hide myself, but I was paralyzed. I can feel your eyes roaming over my body. Heat flushing me from head to toe.

A chuckle. Deviant, almost sadistic. “I’m going to make you mine princess. You’re going to remember that I was here when I’m finished.” My body arches, hoping to make contact with your’s. Nothing. Desire and want bubble inside of me. Cool air brushing over my body, contrasting with the heat radiating from inside.

“You remember. I will stop the second you tell me to. Okay?”

I shake my head. Wanting to feel your hands on my body again. It starts slow. I feel your fingers dance along the soles of my feet. Soft touches working their way up my lower legs. Your palm makes contact as you graze past my knees. I shudder as your lips find their way to the outside of my thighs. Delicate kisses tracing up to my hips. The blindfold makes it difficult to anticipate your next movement. I lie there embracing the sweetness of it all.

Your lips find their way to mine. Entangling our tongues in passion and bliss. The taste of red wine floods my mouth. You’re intoxicating. I feel one of your hands curl into the back of my head. Grasping a palm full of my hair. The other…..it has found it’s way back to the most sensitive area of my body.

My thighs have tightened together on instinct, but quickly relax as you whisper “open”. I do so without a second thought. The command in your tone sends chills through me. I’m almost embarrassed for you to feel how aroused I am. How wet I have become. The effect you have on me. I feel your fingers trace along the slit of my pussy.

“I don’t want you to make a sound princess, but most importantly I don’t want you to cum until I tell you to”. I am caught off guard by the command. How was I suppose to control myself? I open my mouth to question, but only a soft moan comes out. “Do I need to put your panties in your mouth little one?” I can tell by the tone in your voice that you have the devilish grin on your face. “No. I’ll stay quiet”. I manage to blurt out.

“No what princess” I know without a doubt what you want from me at this point. You had spoken about it earlier in the evening. I oblige. “No, sir. I’ll stay quiet”.

“Mmmm good girl.” Your hand continues to move teasingly along my pussy. Causing me to become wetter. One finger making it’s way to the opening, and slowly sinking into me. Back and forth, in and out. I feel a whimper in my throat and suppress it. Knowing if I allow myself to make a noise, you’ll stop. “You are so wet little one. I bet you taste divine.” I feel you take your hand from my hair, and your weight lifts from me. My thigh are suddenly spread and I am lying there completely ***. Your fingers find their way back to my pussy. Softly brushing along my clit. I feel your lips on the inside of my thigh and excitement floods me. Before I can collect my thoughts, your tongue slides inside of me. Replacing your finger. I arch into you. Wanting to be as close to you as possible. You make your way to my clit, flicking back and forth as two fingers fill my pussy. This is a dangerous combination and I can feel myself of the brink of release. Pursing my lips together to stop any sounds from escaping as you continue.

“God, I was so right princess. You are sweet”. The feeling stops. My clit throbbing and pussy begging for more. I was right on the edge and now I wanted you more than ever. I whimper and you chuckle. “Did you want to cum princess?”
I knew the questions was rhetorical. I hear you undoing the zipper on your pants. I squirm wanting so desperately to feel you inside of me. All of you.

I am suddenly pulled to the edge of the bed. Arms stretched and still secured to the bed posts. You place yourself between my legs.

“Are you ready little one?”
“Yes, sir.”

A groan escapes from you. Something so primal and sexy. I feel the tip of your cock resting at the entrance of my throbbing pussy. Inch by inch entering into me. Slowly. Then it changes. I feel you grab my hips, pinning me into the bed. Thrusting in and out and I moan. I let go wanting to wrap myself around you. Run my hands down every muscle in your back. The want taking over. You grab my hips flipping me where my ass faces you. The rope twisting with my wrists. I feel your cock slam back into me. Your hands digging into the soft tissue of my ass.

I let my mind go and instinct takes over. “Can I please cum sir. I’m going to cum” I manage to mutter in between thrusts.
“Yes princess I want to feel you cum for me. I want you to cum for daddy now”.

Immediately I can feel the heat building inside of me. Loving the feeling of your cock stretching me. My head arches back, and is met by your hand once again. Running it from the base of my neck and collecting each strand in between your fingers. I begin to unfold. Pleasure flooding every inch of my body. The sting of your hand meeting my ass. My pussy clenching around you and not wanting to let go. I moan loudly “fuck”. I’m not sure how much more I can take. Wave after wave hit me.

I’m flipped again. Only this time I don’t feel you for a moment. Hands graze my cheeks. Lifting my head and undoing the blind fold. “I want you to see what you do to me little one. I want your eyes on mine when I cum.”

You toss the blindfold to the side, placing yourself back into place. Your hands placed on the lower parts of my legs, spreading me and lifting my knees to my chest. In a moment your filling me again. Eyes locked on to one another. I feel myself building again with each thrust. You smirk causing me to completely lose control. “That’s it princess. Cum for me. Remember you are mine”. My legs trembling under your palms. I feel your speed increase. Your cock bouncing off my cervix. In a moment, I feel the warmth of your cum as it fills me. Slowing your pace as we both find release. “Such a good girl”.
Woah, Minx!!! This was such a fabulous read! I was captivated, and wishing I was the woman in this. Sensational read 🥵😍
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