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Anyone Have Any Ideas for Domination Ideas for Balloons?


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That title might be enough to get some attention!

I have a balloon fetish - love role playing with it. Curious if anyone would be willing to share any dom/sub ideas that could involve balloons - you may have never used them before, but you may know some scenarios where they would slot (ahem, pop) in there perfectly. 

Thanks in advance!


I was so baffled by this thread that I was inspired to do some research. After Google basically stared at me as though I'd typed in gibberish, I checked a different adult site and found that they have a discussion group called "BBT" Balloon Bondage & Torture. Examples of shenanigans include: 

  • Learn to make a temporary latex corset!
  • Share the right moment to pop that corset off your submissive - with a bull whip!
  • Shibari & Kinbaku with a latex twist!
  • Balloon Bondage for restraint or decorative! It's stronger than anticipated
  • DIY Balloon Toys Balloon floggers are surprisingly stingy
  • Balloon blindfold

There were photos. Balloon bondage is indeed a thing. I have learned something new today.


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