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How to handle a online conversation (by a sub)

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Hi everyone,

I am a male sub, new in this lifestyle.

I am trying to approaching Mistress online, since I am still bit shy to show up in person.

The main difficult so far is chatting with them. It seems a stupid question not for me who is a beginner.

As a sub, shall I conduct the conversation or I leave all the power to her?

When you first contact someone, you are not their sub, and they are not your mistress. You are just two people. So if you see somebody you like, make the approach. Treat them as you would any other person, politely and with respect.
I'm not a Domme but will sometimes have a male sub message me as if I am. It's generally "how can I serve you" "id love to lick your feet" and I don't know about the Dommes here but, honestly it makes me cringe.
Just read their profile, pick out a few bits which you can relate to and treat them as another human being who you'd meet in a pub

it kinda feels like there's a lot of these threads at the minute - so one of the first steps would be to hunt out and read some others


When you first start messaging someone, assuming a dynamic has a strong chance of pissing them off.  

If you are leaving a lot of the conversation on her, then you are pushing a lot of the work on her, which could be tiring for her and/or make her feel you are not interested

Asking conversational questions, particularly ones you want to know the answer to, is good as it helps keep a conversation going and interesting.  But, don't dive in too quickly in pushing a dynamic that hasn't been agreed 


If I understood well, the first part is easy.. two normal person who just show their interests and hobbies. Then if there is a good match, the Dom  and sub nature come and the converdation starts different.

Is it right?


a lot depends on context.   Perhaps the conversation goes so far and you agree to meet platonically.

Perhaps it becomes a point where it is like "I see from your profile that you are a Dom/sub I am a sub/Dom would you be interested in pursuing any form of dynamic with me?" as a valid question but it just depends on the context

putting any form of protocol into conversations might take time or might be a natural fit or might never happen if you do otherwise pursue a relationship together.


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