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To submit to a Female is not weakness but strength. It takes alot to give your power and control away to the opposite sex.

Wel to Adam it was easy. His Mistress is nit just his Owner but also a fascinating Woman. She is also his Partner. In the past Adam was made to believe he will never be allowed to love or like his Owner just to be a toy to be used and abused. Then he met Mistress Michelle and started to be in Her service amd control. He was allowed to love and care for his Owner and She to Her slave but he knows who is in charge and that he remains Her slave who he must obey always no matter what.

Mistress Michelle is the best Domme any slave could ever asked for and Adam loves Her deeply and will always obey Her and only Her and who She wishes Adam to obey.

So yes once you have trust in your service to your Domme it makes it so easy to obey.

adam love you Mistress and thank You for being my Owner and keyholder with his lifetime contract now
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