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Breast play among women?


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I have a fetish for women worshipping breast. It’s very erotic and it’s hard to find women who love playing and sucking on breast in a sexual way. Now I do like the women overall but something about breast’s just makes me so happy. I wonder if I am in the minority or is this more of a thing than im aware of. 

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This is always something I’ve looked for and wanted to find in a partner. Someone to worship my breast’s. Do you have a lactation kink?

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I really want to be breastfeeding.. I’m begging for this 

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I absolutely love breast play. I can orgasm off it

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I’m straight. But, I absolutely adore nipple play and nipple sucking with another woman. I have orgasmed from it. I love having my nipples sucked on. I love it when she wets her finger with her tongue and then  fiercely runs her finger over the tips of my nipples. I love when she holds my nipple between her thumb and forefinger and flicks the tip of my nipple with her finger. I liked my nipples pulled and then rolled between her thumb and finger. All she has to do is touch my nipples and I get so horny. 

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