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Spokane Munch/bdsm community events?


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Hey Guys,

I'm a newbie to the community and VERY much want to find some local ACTIVE groups that are supportive to a newbie like myself and can help educate me to the Sub/dom life. 

So far I have only found FAKE doms *fake: abusive/pushy and not respectful of boundaries*

it's been a bit disappointing 😞 

TES and MAsT are both world wide organizations that have devoted themselves to the proper education of fetishes and this lifestyle
Not sure if the user is active and also assume they are talking about Spokane, WA.

There is a munch in Spokane every Friday. There is also one in Couer d’Alene although I’m not certain of when.

If you want more info, message me and I can get you pointed towards the munches.

we have an events section available here


on this, there are events listed be organisers or their knowledge.   We have had problems in the past that some organisers do not want events posted where they're not aware.

If there are not events listed in your locality - findamunch is a comprehensive website of munches and events easily searchable by region.   Some people also find fetlife easier to find events.

If you do find an event - why not speak to the organiser and ask about it being added to the events directory here?


Awesome! Thanks for the replies and information guys!  ♡

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