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Improving and gaining skill sets


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Any recommendations for online resources to improve your skills in BDSM roles? Interested in improving as a rigger and brat tamer. Thanks in advance!
Rigger: boycotts knot tying manual
Brat tamer: parenting 101, how to punish your child
Hello mate happy to share some stuff with ya been domin8ng for over 10 yrs from.entry sub to full pets.
Watch porn. If you spend more time actually watching what they do instead of jerking off, it is very useful for seeing how other people run their show. For rigging and tying, practice tying shibari knots on your sub for maybe an hour or 2 a day and try new methods; practice makes perfect.
Also, it wouldn't hurt to work on some lines to tease your sub, something that rolls off the tongue and drives them crazy.
And I haven't really tamed a brat, but I am certain there is information for it somewhere. Have fun out there.

while there are things you can learn from porn, they never tell the full story

trying to copy what you've seen in porn can lead to all sorts of problems especially as they don't show things like warm up, prep, conversations, aftercare, etc

Brat Taming - talk to your brat. Make sure they actually want to be "tamed" and discuss with them what works and what does not.  If you are hoping to learn to become a brat tamer in order to tame a brat you do not have - then.... Brats are not a hive mind.  There isn't one simple way to tame a brat and so while you could develop skills to make you a super scary sadist (you'd probably need to expertise in many fields for this - which will take absolute years) then - I dunno - a cruel whipping would be a way to tame one brat, but would be a hard limit to another and a reward for another.   

Shabari - there is the course above.  There are also a lot of youtube tutorials for different ties, and shibari books.    A lot you can practice as self ties.   

One of the best ways, especially to practice with other people, is to seek out and attend peer rope workshops.  A lot do kinda need you to attend with a partner, but if you contact in advance they may be able to help pair you up or let you join into a group of 3.

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