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Has anyone noticed synonymous leather latex or PVC is with doms and no so much subs?

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Why is this? As a soft dom myself I would love to see more subs into to this aspect but it just doesn't seem as synonymous as it does with doms.

Any subs out there with a latex, later, PVC or rubber fetish?

I have also noticed this.  In fact, in just the past couple weeks, I have been in a couple discussions with other Doms about this.  The observation: It is was mainly men that are into leather and latex---not just Doms.  There are quite a few male subs, who wish to be bound in such clothing.  However, this fetish appears extremely rare among the ladies.


I have known female subs who enjoy a lot of these clothings

but then they often get confused for being Dominants 

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@eyemblacksheep this is the exact reason why I tend to shy away from full pvc/latex outfits. I'm totally sexually submissive and an "alternative scene" gal! So I channel the goth/rock aesthetic in everyday wear! However, due to my already "bad girl" aesthetic, I personally - feel like I would totally adopt the visual archetype  associated  with the classic "Mistress" ; if I were to wear a full pvc/latex or leather outfit Which is ironic as I couldn't  "Domme" myself out of a wet paperbag!! (Just to add also, I have no wish to do this either!) 🙈

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Not really, I have spoken to numerous subs who love wearing leather, pvc etc 

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