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The E"Latex"rician


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Its Friday night and I've just finished paperwork for the week and my phone rings .
" hi my client gave me your number as you did some great work for them , i have a issue with power tripping i had a leak this morning the plumber sorted that for me now i have a area of my house tripping " i say that shouldn't be a problem i can come around now . She gave me her address which is 10 mins away so off i head to hers. 

I arrive and the house is huge and really tidy so i park on the drive and grab some tools , i knock on the door and stunning mid 40s woman opens the door in long fluffy dressing gown.  I say you called me to sort the tripping she shows me to the affected area and says sorry its pitch black inside so i grab my torch and enter she shows me where the leak was and i find the wet socket . I have one on board swap it over and make sure its dry and switch the power back on lights and power switch on and my mouth drops . Everything is covered in something black and shiny and the furniture is very different to anything I've seen at others customers st Andrews cross spanking bench dog cage and walls of latex clothing . At this point I'm trying to lift my jaw and hide my hard erection pushing on my shorts .

I turn around and see the client and her dressing gown drops and stood before me is a stunning curvy goddess in a skin tight catsuit , and a wicked smile . Shes grabbing her purse and ask how much she owes me . I cant get any words out , she walks up to my rubs my very hard cock and says i see you love my latex , i wear it all the time perhaps i can repay you in other ways . All i can do i nod and say what do you have in mind . 

She kisses me and says i want this hard cock wrapped in latex mmmmmmm she purrs i say i love latex for years and I would love you too dress me , she kisses me again and pulls my cock to the wall of latex . Take your pick tops might be a bit too tight but i have shorts gloves and hood that will fit.  She grabs a few things and strips me then hood on first and followed by a huge kiss and she says thats better a latex hunk of a man the dressing continues long latex gloves and some tight shorts with built in latex cock and ball sheath and as they slide up she helps it in the sheath with her wet lips sucking for lube i almost came there but held on  sheath fitted and then came a shock a tight cock and ball rings fitted and i couldn't believe how hard i become . She smiled and said i hadn't had any cock that hard since her husband passed a few years back .

She smiled and says I'm so wet right now so come make me cum as she's pulling me along to the latex covered bed , she crawls on and the latex rubbing on latex sounds amazing she lays on her back and slowly unzips her tight catsuit exposing her shaved pussy which glisten in the light it was too much for me i had to taste her so i climb onto the bed and start kissing her latex covered legs kiss up them till i reach her very wet pussy so i start to kiss and lick her pussy and hard clit my latex covered face rubbing her clit as i lick her pussy , she starts to moan very loud and i slip two fingers deep into her pussy with ease the moans get louder and she grabs my latex head and hold it there ,  i don't stop i will make her cum hard before i fuck her fingers in and out tongue deep in her pussy too then it happens she cums so hard she starts to shake i try to pull away but she's wants more and hold my head down till she's done .

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