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Sooooo, I was recently in a chatroom when this mysterious man pm'd me. Different from what I've seen pop up in my inbox... He broadly explained what he was about, into and what he was looking for... sounded great, and I was up for the challenge...It was like a pact. I agreed to aspire to be what he wants, in exchange for honesty, respect and trust. The first seven days were a rollercoaster. I was obsessed. Sleep deprived. Turned on. Scolded. Belittled. Eventually ignored. I begged him to just leave me alone, ignoring me is obviously him being around someone else that has his attention and I don't have the capacity for that anymore. He claims he's single. This I can't believe. I've done little research... Out of *** I will be influenced by outsider opinions. Can someone tell me what the eff is going on??? Is this a strategy or his blatent disregard for my feelings? He's very short when talking about his feelings... Vague... And hard to figure out. All I can come up with is he's either great at his position and there is a reason behind all of this or... He's a psychopath. Any feedback is appreciated. 

With out knowing him or his side of things it is very hard to say what is going on. So all I can say is trust you gut if you are feeling that something’s isn’t right then your instincts are trying to tell you something. No one can know the situation better then you and if you are not feeling valued in what was agreed and it not right for you then bow out of it
I get this from a lot of subs. They will chat to me as if we're getting on really well, and then part way through a conversation they'll just stop replying and I won't hear anything from them. It is most likely that he has just lost interest.

there's multiple options 

- this is part of whatever dynamic he is trying to do; but this has clearly come as a surprise to you and you're clearly not happy about it - so he may need to rethink direction

- he's been playing people off against each other and picked, or spent more time, with someone else

- wife suspicious of activities

or, even

- there's some form of real-life factor which is taking up more time.  

communication, however, is important for all parties so if something has taken up more of his time then it's fair he should have let you know.


You know more than me and the between the lines also . a great deal of Doms will leave you hanging to see if you are really interested or lose intetest and move on. I know I've done it .

What you have to be aware of is there are a great deal of wannabes on both sides and we all have different ways of weeding them out .

Something else to think about is the majority of D types will not chase a sub.

Just my perspective .

But if you feel he is playing you then ask him out right up front is the best way and shows your open to honest dialogue. 




Aren't you worried that you became obsessed without knowing anything about him?

He may be training you, you may not be about this lifestyle, come talk to me about tih , i think you will find this to your liking
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