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What do I do?


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Note: So sorry for the long chunks of text 🙏🙏💕 you don’t have to read it If you don’t want to 😅😅

Context: talking to someone and I haven’t met them yet but I got into a bit of deep conversation and revealed a lot about the plays/ stories I have written showing off a lot of my subby slop character inside me and my desperation for a caregiving domme. It all happened in the moment I was sharing the writings and then I said stuff I really liked about people and stuff I didn’t/ couldn’t do (like my dom battery has completely drained).

Result: they started talking to me really lovely like my dream motherly figure lover. But they seem to be looking for something short term and I did sort of make it clear that if I was going to have someone as a domme like figure, they would have to be my nesting partner for basically as long as I live/ a very very long time. It’s a person I deem I cannot live without.

They said “That's interesting. I'm glad you made that clear. I guess we'll see if I becone that long-term nester or just the dreaded friend. Or friends with bennies 😏.” and also said “I’ll be your mommy 🥹” which quite enough low key triggered me (my heart loses its heart beat and my *** flows so fast I feel almost feint) 😅😅 because it’s something I’ve been looking for.. for a looong time 😂😂.

I think I messed up. I’ve been led on before but not so much in this similar situation this is the first time I’ve shared all my writings and things and they are not really my friend, just a possible date.

I need a lot more self control to contain my stupid excitement in these times because I know I’ll go into a stage of denial for a long time where I want to believe it’s all happening but I refuse it even if it does happen I’ll keep thinking it’s just dreams upon dreams.

They are lovely as a person and I definitely am attracted to them but I don’t want anything short term or friends with benefits as I’m all passed that stuff… but I feel like I’m going to be led on and used 🤒🤒🥲 If they do all the things I describe in my writings then I’ll lose myself completely.

Then again.. what if they are going to be here for a long time. I don’t really have a place to move into straight away or anything so then if they did really want to like me I don’t have the capacity to live with them and forward that relationship so soon 😅 I’m very conflicted. I only want my domme lover If I can be really secure physically, emotionally and spiritually for a long while.
When i speak to someone i make it clear im looking for long term now,, of course things have to start somewhere and its not going to be an instant ltr, its built up over time, and maybe a few months in it might not work, but you both gave it a shot.....
However i dont start anything now with someone who says " well im not looking for long term but who knows what might happen" or something along those lines.
If they are not on the same page as me then i move on, i dont want maybe things will turn long term, i need " yes thats what im searching for too" , as i said it might not work out that way, im not saying because both looking for ltr thats it both committed because in the first few weeks of conversation it was mentioned, but it has to be the focus when communicating.
So it might be this person isnt looking for long term and you might get hurt, probably unintentionally by the other person if they cant see how serious you are on the ltr thing x
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