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hi to all who read 
im not new to the world of fetish but im looking to learn new skills
ropes have always interested me im here to ask the community if there are any good classes or any ways to learn.


yes - look out for peer workshops, there are many around the UK

online is also a good resource, there are many videos (and books) from a number of content creators - Two Knotty Boys always worth a look.

A weakness of online/books is there's less explaining and guiding if you're going wrong or why things are done a certain way (usually security, to stop people choking, prevent friction burns, so on) 

Good luck


Like eyemblacksheep mentioned it, best to look for munch or events in your area. Ropes are a fairly high risk play factor. Nerves, pressure points, blood circulation etc. Dont improvised. 

Fetlife would point you out where your local munch is and local riggers experts

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If you want to learn about ropes you need to learn Shibari . But ropes are not only solution ..just need to be creative .

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