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How to be a good slave


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I have met someone who has been a master two 2 other slaves,


I no I have all this in me but new to this ect and wanting some tips, on how to go about all this 




at the risk of dodging the point.   your best idea is to speak with your Master about what they expect from you.  Any advice anyone would give you is moot without knowing what your Master expects from slaves.

This would also help you find if this is for you.  It might be best once some expectancies have come back you could ask for tips based on those.

I don't want to say "be ready to serve at all times" if this isn't what is expected.

What I would say as tips though - remember communication and limits are two ways.  Make sure you are happy with what is to be expected to you. You can say 'no' (someone is bound to come in and say "slaves can't say no" - but this depends wholly on what you want, what you are happy with and what is to be asked of you) and make sure you are happy with the arrangement.


Talk, talk then when you've finished talking, talk some more. Before you start to play make sure you know exactly what he expects from you and just as important make sure he knows exactly what you expect from him.

That he has had to subs before tells us little about his level of experience, each sub may have lasted years or just one night. You could ask if you could talk with his past subs to see how their experience went and this may give you some insight as to what to expect but really the best way is to ask him

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