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Ballad to His dominance:

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He guides me as I release control, 

The safety I find in his presence, 

Our pleasure is like a crafted dance, 

Him leading, me following to the exultation of pleasure.

I, giving him a safe space for his energy,

Him, allowing me a safe place to be ***.

His dominance is not a choice,

It is his being, 

A piece of his soul,

it is who he is,




Lifting me up to heights I only dreamed of.

My submission he reads like a bible.

His dominance is my salvation.

It is the road map to our destination; shared desire, pleasure, and connection.

Forming together as two sides of a coin.

His dominance is warmed by my need to please him.

Knowing every inch of my submissive body, how it reacts, how it moves with his dominant, loving touch.

He is my teacher, I am his student, we are lovers, friends, but more importantly He is my Dominant and I am his Submissive. 

Together we create a beautiful dynamic.

This is my ballad to his dominance.

Is this who I think it is, it won't be tonight
Thought you were married, I don't know other ladies batten there eyes better. I just got in from friday....no really never go out like that once a year u got my ### use it
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