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Claire was tied face down to the bed, a big red ball gag in her mouth and coarse ropes binding her wrists and ankles to the bedposts, keeping her in place. She was panting heavily, nervous, her small breasts heaving. She’d found this place online in one of the dark chatrooms where nobody used their real names.

She’d gone down three alleyways and entered a seedy place, where there were thick doors and sounds of pleasure coming through. Girls screaming in ecstasy, flesh slapping against flesh, men groaning. She’d signed a few forms and given her consent, then put on a pair of long black stockings, black high heels, a black collar, and had allowed herself to be tied down to this disgusting, small bed.

She was wondered how long it would be, and when the door opened, she felt her heart beat even faster. She couldn’t see the men enter the room but she could hear them. She felt their hands caress her body and begin to pull down her thin black panties to expose her tight pink pussy.

She felt their fingers probe her and her hands pulled down instinctively. The ropes were too strong and she couldn’t move as she was being played with, no matter how fast, or how deep they went. She felt the bed shake as a man climbed on, and she began to breathe heavily as he placed his hands down next to her head and something, something poked against her pussy.

Without warning he thrust in and she gasped in pleasure around her gag. The thick cock was so deep inside her that she thought that she’d scream! She tried to control her moans as the man used her like a sex doll, pounding her and grabbing onto her hair for leverage. She felt him speed up, felt him reach his climax, and she groaned as he came inside her.

He was panting heavily, and so was Claire, but for her it wasn’t even nearly over. The man climbed off the bed and another one climbed on next, thrusting his cock deep inside her.

For hours she felt herself get fucked by different men, used like a tissue to catch their cum. She came over and over again, screaming into her ball gag, loving the feeling of the cocks plowing her. By the end of the day when the man came in to untie her she could barely move her legs. She was dripping out of her cunt, semen staining the streets.

The ropes had left red marks around her wrists and ankles. Still, she knew that she’d be back tomorrow. As she left the room she saw other women leaving the rooms nearby, smiles plastered across their faces. They were walking bow-legged and their high heels were wobbling on the floor
Good one! I'm horny af for this now!
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