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kidnapping play


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Trigger Warning: Talk around kidnap and struggling - All consensual. 


How can someone kidnap me in roleplay? 


Hey, just a friendly mod note to think about how you word your replies to this topic. It is something that's enjoyed as part of BDSM play but it needs to be stressed at all times that it is play only and all is completely consensual. 

I would be interested in a kidnap roleplay. As either party, but its something that needs handljng delicately. There can be a fine line that can easily be crossed without knowing it. Especially once bound and or gagged. Rules of play need clearly stating and known by all involved :-) X

I've mulled on and off about kidnapping but they can be a nightmare to sort.   There are various ways to do this and I've heard people give me different accounts of how they have done things.

The first step of course is to kinda decide whether you want to know you are being kidnapped or not.

It's fairly common for people to actually plan on being kidnapped - but - also for example, it'd be fairly inconvenient if you had genuine plans and then someone kidnapped you! Not to say others would worry about you if you didn't show.

What a friend did with a kidnapping she had arranged is she gave the guy a lot of misdirection.  So, they'd arranged to meet and I'm actually not sure if he knew he was being kidnapped that day - but she would tell him to wait somewhere, then tell him plans had changed and to wait somewhere else and so on - so eventually she'd led someone to an area he was less familiar with.  He was also being watched by a least one other person at distance who of course was helping relay what he was doing.   But then basically, one of her friends, who he'd never met, asked him for the time or something and as he looked down they sorted the grab and bundled into a waiting vehicle.

Because of this it was also possible to get him away from a main street so that there weren't people who thought it was real who'd intervene.

I've not been through this so I don't know what it's like - but the mixture of the misdirection and being bundled by someone you don't know does add to the feeling, even though you do ultimately realise it's a set up.  

Of course, this involved a network of trust with multiple people helping co-ordinate to make the fantasy happen.


However you decide to do things, you need at least one person you trust in a key part of the chain, either the person who is ultimately your tormentor or someone who has vetted someone to be your tormentor : I'd certainly ignore anyone suddenly messaging you going "i'll kidnap you" 

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I would definatley find a kidnapping play extremely fun , when done correctly- 


(Under consensual play of coarse) 

i would imagine a force entry into a home type scenario , I think that would be a fun way to start the role play 


again, consensual with both parties!!

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Personally I think this type of roleplay is a minefield. I like to think I'm a confident guy but when I see kidnap as a fantasy on a public profile it scares me and puts me off.

I have done something similar in the past but it was with somebody I knew really well. (We worked together.) We socialised a lot and sort of fell into some roleplay. Much later in the relationship we tried out the kidnap idea. It did not work for either of us. Back in those days I was more switchy than I am today and we tried it both ways. Unsatisfying experience which I have never repeated.

We had a lot more fun with the spy getting detained and waking up in a cell. Similar in that you are deprived of your liberty but you can start the role play after the "detention" has occured. So you can be in a safe space throughout.

As everybody has said, if you must try this please keep it consnsual.



personaly i think kiddnaping is cool i have done it, its fun under and in the right environment, it certainly gets the adrenalin going 


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Did alot of kidnap role play with an ex. 


I would tie her up, gag and blindfold her then carry her around over my shoulder ending up in the bedroom. The sex afterwards was smoking hot! 


This is one of my all time fantasies but echo what others have posted.

I have it listed on my profile and the responses range from the guys who think I'm an easy option for sex, or I want graphic descriptions of the names they want to call me.

A few have been great, respectful and friendly.

Take your time. Talk it through.. a lot. Set up any safe words, limits etc 

Having  a rape fantasy HAS to have implicit consent to everything involved.


I ever done it while using some sedative, chloroform, I loved it and my victim really loved it too. She knew that she will be kidnapped but not for the chloro. It's was really surprising as for me as for her. But good surprise, but I knew hier very well and I'll not try on people I just met.

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Two dominant femdom goddess wearing strapons kidnap me and ra pe me and own me forever. Making me suck cocks take their strapons and will serve their every desire. hellllooooo

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Could be done by the delivery guys… pretend to deliver a present from someone then once inside kidnap her/him. Obviously need to be done during evening when it’s dark 😈

a well planned one is to know the routine of the person and found out the best time amd place to do it. 

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Yes, this sounds like it could be fun if planned correctly between the consenting parties. Maybe it would take a few to kidnap a particularly feisty ‘victim’ !
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I would say the number one rule is: safe word. Always the safe word. Now, there remains the question of how a safeword is employed while one partner is gagged. Well, I used to get kinky with my ex-gf and truss her up along with a gag. So I told her if she ever wanted to stop but couldn't say anything, she could let me know by really struggling (not just, you know, playing along.) 

Though, we never got to explore any actual kidnapping play. Just didn't have a way to do it. I would have been interested in that. Any kinky girls who see this who would like some kidnapping/bondage rp chat, hmu. Ummm... ages 25-33 though.

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Had more to say.
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Hey all, 

I've been very lucky to experience this type of role play and other forms of cnc so I'm happy to share my experience as a cnc abduction victim.

please note this is my experience so don't try to recreate or do anything dumb. Play safe all. 😊.


Step one takes a lot of planning and communication with the predator you trust completely. Meaning you can't just post online and meet someone haha.


For me I was already in a slave contract with my owners M/M so it was kind of east to plan for us. 


We booked a secluded location as we discussed me struggling, calling out for help, trying to escape and so on. 

We also set a decent prize for me if I was to escape to keep me from losing focus and just enjoying the fantasy.

We also had something I didn't want to happen if I failed. My owners friends would get to use me also. Completely consensual 


On the day I was to be abducted to gave a final concent via phone. Soon after I found myself being pulling into a car. On the drive one of my owner sat next to me. He kept hold of my wrists while we drove to the location. 

About half way once we was out of all public view, I was gagged and had a hood place over my head. My owner kept my wrists pinned but didn't restrain me because of car safety. 


When we arrived I was pulled from the car and tossed into the back and hogcuffed for quite a while. 


Eventually I was taken from the car, tossed onto a dirty mattress we brang with us and used sexually for the next 24 hours by my owners and their two friendsas i wasnt able to escape despitemy struggles, begs and crys.

Remember this was completely consensual. 


I found myself experiencing all kinds of emotions during the ordeal, fear, excitement, adrenalin and helplessness. 


Again this was my experiance with two very trusted owners, plus I had my safe word. 


It can work and feel very real, you just need the right people and chemistry around you. 😊 

I have a few photos, would be happy to share with anyone interested 

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This would be cool me and my wife kidnap and use by man or woman 

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