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Empty Vessel:

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Looking at my reflection, I see it glistening red, marked by domination.

My body is aching, bruised, a used vessel by Him.

My pride, dignity, ego, all pushed aside to please him and his needs. 

I’m his good girl when he needs me, wants me, desires me.

But where is he when I need him, want him, desire him? 

My body is his temple for solace, to feed the darkness, to play with when lust calls.

But when I need a place for mine, where is my vessel? Where do I push my darkness? Feed them? 

You want my submission, expect me to give every piece of me, but where does it go? 

I’m lost and I have no one to lean on, to guide me back, where is my north?

But he has my body to guide him back, his vessel, a buffet to feed the darkness.

I’m tired and weak, my darkness hungry and can only eat at what it has left; an empty vessel.

I’m fairly passive. I look at it from both sides, as most things in life seam to dictate. This world is becoming “me first” Any relationship, arrangement, contract must have equality
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