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Curious Gay Little Newbie in the UK


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I've recently started reading about littles. And I'm beginning to think I am one. I haven't discussed this with my Husband yet, but he loves taking care of me and pampering me. We are a gay male couple, I am 38 and he is 36.
Do I have to be older then my Husband to be a little?
Are there any online communities in the UK for gay littles and daddies where I can chat and ask about things and uk events etc.
I think I might be a little. I'm not into nappies/diapers or abdl. But I am a big kid, I have stuffies, love colourful childlike clothes, blankies, and being looked after. I can be a bit of a brat sometimes as well. Not sure how I feel about pacifiers yet but I think I would like to try.
I'm feeling so overwhelmed with all this information.
Thank you in advance. 
yaoiboy  :heart: 

Age doesnt factor in to being a little although some couple do find the age difference is part of thier kink.

There are sone little events, the ones i know of take place in london, eg a teddy bears picnic in one of the london parks and a munch.

You might want to look at fetlife which has a lot of forums for daddies/mommies and littles.

You might also be able to find an event that is more local to you.
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