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Night Swimming


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This story is hardcore erotic fiction. All of the characters and scenes exist only the imagination of the author. NSFW and appropriate for 18+ readers only.

Keywords: bdsm, consensual nonconsent, multiple partners, degradation, humiliation, breast torture


I arrived in this beach town in North Carolina for a women's retreat in late October. The retreat cost more than it should have and promised a long weekend of luxury and female self-indulgence. Over the next four days, eight women would bond over vision boards, journaling, and yoga.

Usually, at this time of year, this small beach town hosted a small number of upscale tourists. The resort was a discreet hideaway, particularly for middle-aged women like me who had enough money to indulge in a 4-day escape from their jobs and homes and families.

After checking-in and registering, I took the welcome packet to my room and began to unwind. This year, in addition to the printed schedule and the map of the resort, the packet had an unusual half-page insert, written in a bold, red font.

I took out the insert to read it. It informed the attendees that a series of “sexual incidents” had happened on an isolated section of the beach. Over the last 2 months or so, four women had been found alone and disheveled on different nights, in the early morning hours, wrapped only in a blanket.

Each of these women had accepted the security officer’s offer of a ride back to the resort but had refused medical attention and declined to press charges. Each of them left town the next day.

At breakfast the next morning, the facilitator briefly mentioned the insert and assured us that as long as we avoided the isolated section of the beach everything would be fine. Women had continued to walk the beach over the same time period as the incidents had occurred without any trouble at all. Only those who crossed over the rocks that hid the main beach from an isolated inlet seemed to run into trouble.

The first day of the conference was long and this year the facilitator seemed determined that each of us would really reflect, as opposed to just relaxing. After too much rich food and champagne, I returned to my room to sleep, but began to feel jumpy and restless. I decided to go for a walk on the beach to unwind and get some fresh air.

The wind and salt air were exhilarating, and I found myself much farther away from the resort than I had anticipated. Just as I was about to walk back, I saw some rocks and yellow caution tape ahead on the beach. A sign warned visitors to turn back at this point.

Remembering the insert, I turned to leave but something in me hesitated. My heart started to pound harder as I stepped past the caution tape and continued down the beach. “I’ve paid for this trip, and I can walk down a beach if and when I want to,” I thought to myself.

After a few minutes, I reached a spot that was even further isolated behind beach grass and a rising sand dune. Pushing my way across, I abruptly came upon some men sitting around a fire, drinking beer, and roasting fish over an open fire. In the flickering shadows, it was hard to tell just how many there were. The air snapped with an electrical charge as soon as one of them saw me.

One of them, young and fit like a college student who surfed for money during the summer, approached me. He took my arm to gently pull me closer into the circle of men. He asked me my name, and then quietly said, “you might be Avery in real life but right now all that money is not going to help you. I think you really, deep down inside, knew when you stepped over those rocks exactly what you wanted to happen.

“We are going to relieve all that rich lady tension by dumping our jizz into your pretty wet pussy and mouth. On this beach, even stuck-up mermaids like you have pussies, and we going to ride you until you break.

“But starting now, you have ten seconds to turn around and start walking away, no damage done.”

His last sentence hung in the air as the waves rolled in and out and seagulls drew loops in the sky. My heart dropped into my stomach and my insides started to churn. I could tell from the way their eyes flickered that eleven, and then twelve, seconds had ticked by.

The surfer told me to lie down on the sand with my face looking up at the sky and my legs and arms spread. He blindfolded me and all I could hear were the low voices of more men approaching and the roar of the sea and the wind.

The sand felt rough against my back, as the first man quickly entered me and began to pump my pussy, backward and forward, backward and forward, the motion rocking me with the same rhythm as the waves.

Between grunts, he told me that my wet pussy smelled like the ocean, like all the fish in the sea, which made the other men laugh. Though sounds seemed fuzzy and far away, I thought I could hear three or maybe four men now around me. Rough hands moved over my body and rubbed sand into my breasts and pussy. One of them put shells on my nipples and pressed down hard until my body spasmed with pleasure.

The first man inside me began pumping faster and exploded in orgasm with a loud moan. It felt like gallons of his cum washed into my pussy along with the salt water that lapped my body as the tide began to roll in. “Take that, you fucking rich cunt,” he moaned as fell over onto the sand beside me.

A second man mounted me the moment the other man rolled off of me. His cock was so hard that my pussy began to clutch and squeeze, the spasms shuddering through my body. He was fucking me, fucking me, until my mind cut loose from my body and floated away in the breeze. He dumped his load quickly and rolled off of me with a loud groan. With one hand, he rubbed the slick off his cock and wiped it across my mouth.

One of the men then came toward me and flicked my clit with something that felt like the handle of a brush. He whispered in my ear that since I had been found at sea I needed to be scaled and cleaned. The bristles on the brush felt steely and cold as they touched my nipples, and my breath began to come in short, fast bursts.

He scraped the scaler across my nipples, slowly at first and then faster, rubbing them so hard that I did not know if those were my screams echoing around the inlet or the seagull’s cries.

The pain felt exquisite, like an expiation. All my bad thoughts and self-loathing dissolved as welts started to rise on my breasts and the ocean breeze spit salt across my raw and ragged nipples. When my breasts could not take it anymore, he moved down my body to scale the insides of my thighs.

When he finished cleaning me, he straddled my face and shoved his balls into my mouth. They felt as smooth as wet rocks as I rolled my tongue around them and began to suck. He told me to drain his balls, to drink down every drop of his cum like it was salty ocean water in my mermaid mouth. At the moment I thought I would choke on his jizz, he jerked his cock from my mouth and dumped his load on my wet stomach. The cum felt warm and sticky and I shivered.

I now lost count as one man after another stuck his cock in my pussy and rocked me until he climaxed, as many fucks as there were waves in the sea. After the men were fucked out, the blindfold was removed, and lights swam in front of my face as my eyes adjusted to the light.

Only one man, whose seemed older than the others, had declined to ride me. Instead, with a look of sheer contempt, he emptied a can of beer on my pussy and then packed the can with wet sand and pushed it into my sopping cunt. My body betrayed me as my orgasm caused me to buck against the beach like a tethered animal.

When my head arched back, I saw another young woman in the distance, just at the edge of this isolated area. She was watching intently, her hand inside her jeans, fingering her clit with slow, luxurious strokes. She seemed to meet my eyes and even smile, but then turned to walk away in the other direction. My spirit flew above her taut, tanned body, following her down the beach like a seagull riding the ocean breezes, wings spread, buoyant.

A rough hand slapped my face and brought me back to the beach.

The man who had looked at me with such disgust dumped the cold watery contents of a cooler on my body and then heaved a large globule of spit into my open mouth. The rest of them made sure to erase any traces of what happened here tonight.

Before they walked away, they left me spreadeagled on the beach, each arm and leg loosely tied to a pole mounted in the sand. I'm a starfish, I thought, and started to giggle, my mind pulsing and receding, as the waves kept washing over me.

The briny water washed the cum out of my pussy and stung like tiny piranha as it nipped the welts on my breasts and thighs. The sun began to rise as I drifted away to some other place in the sky, knowing that the ocean would soon loosen the poles and wash me clean. A blanket lay further up the sand, waiting to wrap me in forgiveness.


Posted by Lacey4752 (aka Elizabeth Tandy)

October 19, 2022

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