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A question about safety and strangers


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This is my wife's fantasy and I want to give it to her for Christmas. 

I'm trying to setup up a Christmas surprise for my wife with another man she has never meet before and who is into BDSM and a dom. She's wanting a threesome and DP. 

I don't know who this person will be and that's why I got a profile here.

Is this safe? Would you do this, this way. Can't go heom due to the dogs. 

I would use a professional. You can chat with them about what you want and read their reviews. They will have recent health checks with paperwork to prove it and by choosing their service rather than a random stranger you will be safer. They may also have their own premises they work from - if not, book a hotel room.

In short - you've probably left it too late.

I would be apprehensive about anyone who leaps up and says "I will do it" - whilst you don't have a lot of time to do basic vetting (just making sure they are what they say and not just wanting to fuck your wife) 

of course, there'll always be a risk - but this is something where you want the risk - and someone you can chat with to give you confidence can help - and of course it may be easier to vet and book a Pro, although Male Professionals are often fewer and a lot are just chancers. 

My recommendation would be to start to visit local munches and dungeons depending on what is in your area - and meet people and if you see someone with potential, get to know them before springing your idea on them.

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