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How did you meet?

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Hey guys! So recently, I have become curious as to how people have discovered the diverse bdsm community. Did you stumble across it by mistake? Did a friend or partner introduce you? I don't know! That's why I am asking. Just curious as to how you found these things. Comment below and let me know. Thanks!

For me it was just a case of searching for somewhere online to chat about this sort of stuff. I donā€™t actually have any friends(that I know of!) that are into the bdsm scene but it was always something that interested me :)
I was introduced by my first husband who kept it a secret for many years before telling me, we tried for a year but his kink was very selfish and unfortunately/ fortunately the marriage ended šŸ”„

this seems very similar to another thread - but if the question is discovering BDSM community...

OK... phase 1...Ā 

Me text friend : are you out at the gig on Thursday?

Her : yes, but I won't be staying as we're going to Tension

Me : What's Tension?

Her : A fetish club

Me : Can I come?

Her : Sure...


Simple and to the point.

I did go for a few months but then stopped with an intention on going back and... err... didn't...

It was kinda always inevitable I'd start to go to Liber8 - I'm very active on the local Goth scene and so had a few friends from overlap - and that basically a friend I had who was very much into the kink scene asked me if I'd attend with her and I had no hesitations.Ā  Ā  After that I then started attending munches and other events - and it pretty much snowballed from there.


I met a guy on line and when we met in person he produced a hairbrush and asked me to spank him with it. I thought omg what have I done!! All my friends were right about guys online. Fortunately for me curiosity got the better of me so I gave it a go, it didn't take long for my inner domme to take over


I got into this through my Ex girlfriend, we had been friends for a long time and one night at a house party she asked if want to sleep with her (she was a bit more graphic with what she wanted) and I said yes. Things went from here but it soon ended and now I'm here...

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