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Car Lock Out


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Has anyone done the car lock out dare? This is the one that I did. I was dared to drive to a public yet remote location, hide the car keys, and lock my clothes in the car. Then I have to get my keys naked and return to get dressed.

I thought this was too simple so I embellished it a bit. My version requires a small locking box, like a box, with a key. Also need a locking bag or suitcase.

I traveled to a hiking trail entrance early in the morning parking about 40 feet from the trail. I took the key to the small box, and some duct tape across the road going past the parking area, to a road sign. I taped the key to the top of the sign on the back so I would have to stretch to reach it, exposing myself fully to the traffic in both directions.

I then put the car key in the small box and locked it. I kept the remote control so I could get back in the car. I took the small box and started walking down the trail for about half an hour.

This trail is in a Florida scrub plain so the trees are not dense and there is not much cover to hide if someone comes along.

After walking for about half an hour I looked for a spot to hide the box. I didn't want someone to find it but I wanted to be able to find it when I got back. I then walked back to the car.

I have not seen anyone so far, I'm nervous but getting more confident. I open the car and the suitcase. I put the car remote in the suitcase. Now is the point of no return. Looking around one more time, I quickly strip off all my clothes and lock them in the suitcase. I put the suitcase in the trunk of the car and lock it. Then I lock and shut the car door.

I'm now naked with no access to my clothes.  The car keys are locked in a box half an hour away and the key for the box is the opposite direction across the road in full view of any traffic within a mile either way.

I decide to go for the box first. My heart is racing and my nerves are on edge as I head off down the trail.

This trail is popular with dog walkers and runners and walkers. While you can see a good distance, there are curves that block your view. Anybody could come around at any time. I try to listen for any signs of someone. The ground is soft sand and mutes footsteps.

I'm getting close to the where I hid the box when I hear something ahead. I'm panicking looking for a place to hide. There's a tree with some scrub bushes around it.

This area is covered with prickly plants and cactus but I couldn't worry about that now. I ran behind the tree and crouched down as much as I could.

I waited, expecting to be found at any second. Listening intently for any signs of who or what is coming.

After what seemed like a very long time but really was only a minute or two, I slowly came out.

There was nothing in sight. As I move a little bit I hear the noise again and freeze. I have come face to face with ... a squirrel running up a tree.

Laughing hysterically in relief I continue on to where I hid the box. I hid it well because I had a hard time finding it. Finally I got the box, my heart is pounding and I am sweating profusely as I head back to the car nervously yet uneventfully. However, I can't get my clothes yet. I still need the key to the box to get the key to get back in my car.

I set the box down under the drivers door and head off to get the key for the box. 

By this time I realize that it's now about rush hour. Although this is a back road, there's still a lot of traffic. I wait for a break and make a run for it. Another car is coming so I dive into some tall grass by the road. I don't think they saw me.

The coast is clear, I make a dash for it. I get to the sign and quickly peal the tape. This position leaves me on full display to anyone around. As I get the tape free I see a car heading my way.

There is a slight hill next to the road. I scramble to get to the bushes there. I can see the car approaching. As it gets closer it slows down.

They must seen me, I'm busted! 

I can see that it's an elderly couple. The car stops right in front of where I'm hiding. Another car goes by the other way and the elderly couple pull into trail parking lot.

Maybe they didn't see me. They park near my car and slowly get out. They glance at my car but I'm sure there's nothing to give away what I'm doing. They walk toward the trail and disappear from view.

Now's my chance. There's no traffic and no sign of the couple. I make a break for it. I get to the car and duck down to open the box and get the car key.

When the car door is open, I pull the release for the trunk and go to get my clothes. Standing in the open, with traffic going by on the road, I reach in and grab the suitcase. But wait, where is the key for the suitcase? I suddenly realize I don't have the key to the case. I'm going to have to drive home naked.

At this point I don't have any idea how many people have seen me naked but it doesn't matter now. I grab the suitcase and jump in the car and start to pull out. Out of the corner of my eye I see movement.

The elderly couple are walking from the trail and toward me. They are smiling and waving.

I quickly drive away and go home to get the key to the suitcase.

That’s such a great story!! Couldn’t do it here it’s way too cold but I love that you did this must have been fun😁🙊
No it’s not something I’ve ever done, nor would I. Whilst it sounds like a lot of fun, what you’ve actually done is played publicly and non- consensually involved the public in your scene. Not something I can condone.
Sounds like some fun, welcome to Florida where this is possible year round really.
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