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First meeting


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They have been talking for months. He has been in another country since first contact. At first they were friends, then he mentioned moving to not far from her. Things changed quickly between them as they realized they could have access to each other. For months now, they have been delving into each other's minds and both are looking forward to the first meeting.
She watches the clock slowly ticking down to time to leave. She has been ready over an hour so excited at getting to see him she doesn't want to be even a minute late. Mentally double checking her preparations trying to calm her anxiety while the excitement coils in her body. She is already starting to get wet in anticipation of what he has already said he would do to her once he got her alone. She closes her eyes and draws in a deep breath, lightly licking her lips to wet them indulging in a moment of excited anticipation. After another look at the clock, she decides she can't sit around waiting to go anymore, and decides to go get a few things so they won't have to leave the hotel once they get there. She stops by a gas station on the way to the hotel, and grabs a couple large bottles of water, and some snacks to keep their energy up and hydrated. When the cashier asks how she's doing today she blushes and says she is doing good and rushes out after purchasing her goods.
Once at the hotel, she checks her hair and make up in the car, smirking to herself knowing that won't last long, and that thought turning her on again. He had made arrangements for her to pick up a key from the desk, and to meet him at the room. She also has some instructions to prepare herself for him before he arrives. She gets the key from the desk, and enters the room with a bag she had prepared for today.
Slipping out of her clothes to reveal a sexy black lingerie underneath. Placing the clothes in one of the drawers so they are out of the way, she places the water in the mini fridge, the bag and snacks ALSO go in a drawer. She smiles to herself as she finishes putting things away.
Just as she starts to turn to head to the bed, the door opens.
Her eyes brighten with excitement, he's HERE! She turns smiling to see him standing there looking at her as the door closes behind him.
"You really are a good girl aren't you?"
"Yes Daddy. I am."
A smirk crosses his face as he approaches her, eyes scanning her body. Her breath is getting heavier as he approaches, and as he walks around her to take her in completely one of his hands reaches out to trail his fingers along her skin as he moves, so she has an idea of where he is. He steps close behind her, his arms wrapping around her, one hand firmly grabbing a breast and starting to fondle it and pinch and pull the nipple, while the other hand runs down to her pussy, where he finds her already wet. He rumbles into her ear "I told you I would own you. Today I will make you mine in reality" before he bites her neck and drives his fingers into her wetness.
She can't help herself she cries out cumming for him in that moment after all the build up, and to have him manhandle her like that immediately.
His voice rumbles in her ear "Yes, you are my good girl, my slut, and I will make you my fuck toy and cum slut too." He grabs her by the back of the neck and bends her over the nearest piece of furniture, not undressing, but taking his cock out, moves the lingerie aside from her pussy, and starts to tease her lips with his tip "Tell me."
"Please fuck me Daddy. Use me, make me completely yours. I need you to own me. I need you to use me in any way you please" she begs him shuddering with need.
"VERY good girl. Daddy is going to do exactly that" he says as he drives himself into hard and deep with the first thrust. Then stays buried in her a moment letting her cunt pulse and squeeze his cock as she cums around it just from his initial entry. "Oh fuck, you ARE my good girl. You did need Daddy to possess you didn't you my little slut?"
She manages to gasp out "Yes Daddy, I'm your slut, your fuck toy, your cum slut. I am yours. I need you to own me."
His rumbling voice like a caress "Good girl." Then he starts to slowly fuck her, pulling his cock almost all the way out with each stroke. Her juices running down her legs, and his cock, now. Even starting to drip down his balls. "Fuck you feel so good, that tight little cunt of yours is all mine. I own you, I own this tight little pussy of yours. I will use you as I see fit, and you fucking love it. I love how you cum so easily for me."
Crying out a response to his words between waves of orgasm "Yes Daddy! Oh thank you Daddy!"
A smirk crosses his face, and he maneuvers her to the bed by the back of her neck, keeping his cock in her he pushes her down on the bed, holding her down by the back of he neck, his other hand slaps her ass. She cries out with pleasure as his hand lands, and he grunts as her pussy spasms around his cock buried deep in her. "You weren't kidding, you do REALLY like that. Ok my little slut. Now to really get down to business."
Keeping her pinned down he starts to fuck her hard, driving in as deep as he can with every hard thrust. The screams of ecstasy as she cums repeatedly for him driving him wild. His balls slapping her clit with every thrust. One more thrust, as deep as he can get he growls with pleasure as his balls release his thick cum deep into her. Her hips are squirming on his cock as she cums hard for him feeling his pulsing cock, and the heat from his seed spread in her.
He leans down and in her ear growls "MINE!" Her response is to shiver and cum for him again, her spasming pussy milking his cock for him. He grunts "Fuck. You are such a good girl." He then releases her neck and kisses her hard.

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