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My subs response to meeting

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 I had been pleasuring myself with my bullet vibrator nestled between my moist dark slit . The text message from my lover wanting me to meet him at the hotel made my body tremble. I couldn't think of my mundane routine of serving dinner for my young children or my husband, who was my high school sweetheart, first man who I love, first men who took my virginity... looking down at my wedding band, my heart racing with conflicting thoughts of my family vs sating my lust. I needed this.. I deserved this...

Room 212, as the door opened, there was a man who rivaled the Greek gods of legend.. the scent of vanilla and sandalwood wafted my nostrils as I stepped over the threshold into the room lust scented room.

Will was in his towel skin wet with the salty scent of sweat, his muscles so tight. I can see the outline of his engorged member tenting his towel.
"I just fucked two sluts here. ( he arrogantly grinned) Smell their scent in air baby" As I obeyed he continued opening my trench coat revealing my pantiless pussy humming from the vibe as my sweet cunt juices running down my inner thighs. Feeling his eveyes slowly drifting up to my clamped nipples, completely naked at his mercy

Will give me the leather collar with the engrave words DIRTY CUMSLUT!!!
as he tells me to kneel and put it on. With squatting legs and juices strewn to the floor I obey. Eyes on mine he unwrap his towel as his veiny uncut  cock still strewn with cum, strands of white sperms encases his shaft balls swollen. I knew the lady in the lobby I passed, her essence lays on his shaft.
"Suck my cock whore!!!,"
Hungrily raising my head I slide my lust driven mouth licking his balls first cleaning them as my nose rested on his base scenting another woman dirty pusdy juices on the marbled bull we share. Mouth Suckling harder as nipples dragging on his strong steel thigh as I feel his body shift more to my jutting ass.

As I feel big hand slapping it hardddddddd, moaning screamms!!screams!!! I suck those juicy balls more. Knowing I never been this hungry for any man before. Was my lust turning me into a dirty whore? Why did I crave being used like a cheap £15 whore used and battered!!!!!!!
Suddenly he withdrew from my lips and pulled me to turn around...pushing my upper frame to the ground and legs parted he sees the mess I made with my vibe... the next think I knew a thunderous slap contacted my hot slave pussy....

"Screammmmmm" pleaseeeeeeee it hurtssssss
"Good dirty slut, he pulls my hair back jolting snap in mu neck... "it suppose to hurt"
Slapping continue to impact my cuntttt as he says "I wonder what your hubby would say at his precious wide suckin off another woman cum off another man cock huh" slappp..slapping... thumping sounds as pussy soaked...

Look at you dirty whore, this is getting you wetter. He takes the flogger on the stand as I turned back he puts his foot on my head....
" look at the mirror whore!!! I know what you want as I look at him grabbing his cock"
"Yesss pleaseeeee give me your cockkkkkkkk!!!!"
Grinning he takes the handle of the flogger and pushes it in my cummy soaked cunttttttt
Nooooooooooo..... pleaseeeeeee
"This what u want whoreeeee...... you have to earn my cock" now fuck this hard steel show me how u ride my cock!

Other hand slapping my asss......
Fuck juices settled as I adjust to this bruising impaled insertion.. slowly rockin my hips I let my cunt do as it was made for letting that flogger nestled between my honeyed coated walls. As my eyes shifted at my wedding ring and frame in the mirror my heart beats why is turning me on more. I growl lookin at my wedding ring seeing my hubby and children faces in my head and owning more. Moaning lewdly rockin harder at the thought of my hubby and children seeing mommy as the nasty fucking whore she has been with legs

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