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Inflation and enema


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First off what is it that you’re looking for help with?
Be very very careful would be my first advice - using a shower hose to give yourself an enema is incredibly risky if you get the water pressure wrong, you can cause ruptures and worse.

Sounds like she wants her dirty little colon cleansed. Maybe she’s on a budget hence the title. 


Just some basic safety tips (others may have the how-to details)

Be very careful never to use hot water - stay lukewarm or cool
Use very low water pressure, and don't overdo it - there are real risks of serious internal injury from overfilling
Absorbing too much water can/will upset your electrolyte balance - look up water intoxication

An enema bag would probably be safer, since you can regulate the temp, flow and amount much easier.

Check out a website called extreme restraints they have everything you need for safe shower enemas
If you're looking at doing enemas, use an actual enema kit, don't just use a shower, the heat plus pressure could damage you.

Also why are you looking to do this? For example cleaning yourself up there for anal play is different to doing enema play.
Yes whats the goal ur wishing to achieve, an enema by the sounds of the hardware 😉😋
7 hours ago, cumslut263 said:
Any thing

Always like a girl up for anything 😏, but it will matter what you use for what you're gonna go. I quick cheap enema kit is good for cleaning pre anal, but if you're looking to be filled, and do more actual enema play then you need differnt stuff

I’m a sissy so be clean is very important for me.
I do like 3-4 enema bags to be clean as I can be.

I don’t about Inflation.
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The popular name brand is called the ShowerShot, but it's expensive. I purchased a nice stainless one on Amazon.

Metal Shower Heads,Shower Nozzle System Handheld Shower for Cleanse Kit - with 59 inch Hose (3 Style)  

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I am a lil’ confuzzled about what it is that you’re asking…are you asking about doing anal for your first time…?? If so…then I’d recommend using a buttplug first. Then I’d buy a reusable water enema. I personally use an inflatable buttplug that I fully inflate while it’s inside of me…Feels absolutely amazing but, what kinda buttplug you use is completely up to you!

I use my reusable water enema every single day. I fill it up with warm enough water to where it feels like a warm sensation thats filling me up rather than boiling my insides with boiling hot shower water. Be careful with what you set your water temperature too and don’t set the water pressure too high, find that perfect amount of water presure…I would still recommend that you buy a reusable water enema.

I use my reusable water enema every single day whenever I wake up in the morning. I have tons of anal sexual activities, so I kinda have to do that to make sure that it’s completely clean inside of me…plus, I REAAALLY enjoy using my water enema! The warm water feels SOOO GOOOD as it’s filling me up. Sometimes, I will fill myself up with so much warm water that my belly will inflate as I am getting my F*****le filled up to a point to where I look like I am 6 or 7 months pregnant!

I wouldn’t push your body past its limits if you plan on using your “shower hose” for any of your sexual past time.

Hope this helps! 💋

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