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Wet Sex

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He is lying naked on a rug, she is on top of him. She is also naked except for an old mid-length skirt which is spread out around her over his abdomen and thighs, warming the air as she rides slowly up and down his erect penis.


Smiling wickedly, gazing directly into his eyes, she rises up the length of his shaft until the tip passes between her labia and leaves her body. Rising slightly she slides backwards then presses down. Hidden beneath the skirt he feels her pubic hair nestle at the base of his penis, resting on his balls. Never changing her expression, smiling at him, he feels her muscles tighten and a warm, wet stream flooding over his balls, running down between his thighs, lapping over his anus and spreading out between his legs.

She rises slowly, scraping her hair up the length of his erection, peeing along the underside of his shaft until she positions her labia once more over the tip and, pressing down, takes him into her again for a few luscious, squelching strokes.

Shifting her weight, supporting herself on her arms, she rises up his member until he slips out of her once more. Raising herself to the vertical she gazes down at him and, still looking straight into his eyes and smiling, she slowly raises her skirt, gathering in the material until the hem rises above her thighs displaying her sex to him. She waits for him to look down, his eyes drinking in her body, gazing over her breasts with nipples hard and erect, down her torso to the dense bush of her hair. Then he feels her muscles tighten again and watches as she releases a small jet of urine onto his abdomen. The feeling is electric, warm fluid spreading over him and chilling with incredible rapidity.

Dropping the hem of her skirt to veil her genitalia once more she moves slowly up his body. He feels her muscles tense and the shock of more of her fluid running over his abdomen. Moving forward, she pauses at his navel to raise her skirt and let him watch as she transforms it into a glistening pool. Now her pubic hair is wet and feels soft allowing her to use it as a brush to spread her fluid over him.

Moving forward slowly she wets his torso, sometimes with the skirt pulled up allowing him to see, other times down so he can only feel what she is doing. At his chest she moves to the side and, with the veil lifted, presses her sex to a nipple, working it between her labia before peeing directly onto it. She moves across his chest to the other nipple which receives the same treatment.

Still she moves forward wetting his shoulders and his neck, gazing wickedly into his eyes and always smiling. When she is certain that he is wondering if she will sit on his face and fill his mouth, she moves quickly down his body, flicking the skirt up over his cock again, labia finding the tip and slamming down she rides him rough and hard until his cum spurts into the warm wetness of her eager cunt.

So very hot story loved it x

Thank you, glad you enjoyed. It was very hot doing it too 😀

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