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Advice needed - what are likes and dislikes !?


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Hi, I’m fairly new to this so need some advice really! 

I have started in the business  of selling pictures or videos of my feet and wanted to know the likes and dislikes people have around this fetish! 

I want to really learn ans understand the fetish as much as possible :) 

I’m happy to talk to any one who would like to help me :) 


Hello Footfeline69, you will need a Dominatrix certified account in order to offer any form of paid services to the users of Fetish.com

If this is something you are interested in doing on Fetish.com then may I point you towards our amazing customer support team using this link https://fetish.servicecenter.de/en-us/login

Thank you for your Forum entry


anything you can think of doing somebody will like and somebody will dislike.

while people may chime in with their preferences, those who do probably have no interest in paying for your content.

Research other foot models (as in, pay for their content) look at some of the charts on the clip stores and see what sells well - don't blanket imitate but use that as an idea for learning.  the more you buy, the more you research.

Obviously this does involve capital investment, but you are running a business here.

I could show you a telegram channel Where a woman do same ase you want to try with a lot le followers and she share all her stuff

I'd just like to add that there's no external links allowed here in the forum and also, if you do decide to get a dominatrix profile, you still can't advertise services in the forum, but you can elsewhere. Savvy paid Dom types use the forum to chat and build their profile and recognition here, so people know where to go if they're interested. It's okay to talk about what you're doing in the forum, but you mustn't approach anyone to sell them anything directly. 


Hope that helps clarify some stuff!

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 I was doing it for a little while on there on the side for a bit of fun. However if you search through the popular 'apps'  you will find plenty of pages to give you an idea of things. Just remember to give nothing for free if you are doing it seriously. There's also numerous insta owners that will give you advice and promote you. However remember your photos will be there forever. I got very fed up of endless JOI requests. It's very time consuming as well.  I'm not sure if I can mention the name of the app but feel free to ask

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Mention of app

You definately need advise from foot fetishists so you can compile likes/dislikes theres a myriad of different scenarios for all tastes.

I personally like high heels, open toe, painted toenails specially red (the classic) and white...heeled sandals and high leather or pvc boots a must too...heels with jewelry around to embelish the feet is a must for me too...then theres the hose/nylons department, socks with heels, 50s style pin up mules (my favourites for dangling) etc. 


our OP doesn't seem to have returned after making this post.    That's sad.

But, for the sake of the conversation for anyone else that comes along.

Honestly, foot fetishist - the easiest and most difficult at the same time.

First off - many don't actually care as long as it's in their face...


Some prefer clean, some dirty, some smelly

Some like jewellery, some find it off putting

Some like tattoos, some find it off putting

Some like long toes, some short

Some like heels, some soles, some arches

Some big feet. some little feet

Some like nail varnish and everyone has a favourite colour... some like them bare

Pretty much the only thing most have in common is that the feet are well kept - but even then, y'know, there's plenty get off on a little foot dust.

Sometimes it's a bit about the pose, whether you're chilling with a casual tease, or barefoot in grass, sand or snow.

Some like footwear that shows off part/all of the foot 

Food and object crushing is popular for some...   though for me, I'd prefer some shy of ideas to do nettle or lego trampling....  


my point is; whatever you do, someone will like.

if you give stuff for free - they'll like it even more

if you put it behind a paywall then it does very much come across the completed product - with plenty of free photos/videos on the web (legitimately or otherwise) what makes people want yours?

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