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Most people can probably guess by my name that i love pet play, but recently i have thought about expanding my horizons and interests as a sub, i was just wondering about other peoples experiances from either perspective of the Dom/me or sub.

What kinds of play do you like and what drives that passion? 

How did you start out with said kink/fetish?


I'm a masochist, I've always enjoyed a bit of rough play but I had no clue how much I liked pain until I got onto the scene...about 3 years ago now. Literally my first play event, I discovered I loved being hit with all kinds of different things and kept going back for more! 

I love being on the scene, I get to see and experience so much  with my friends that I'd not have a clue about otherwise. 


I'm a little bit too many to list - but some of my favourite things

as Dominant





as submissive

Foot worship

Pegging/Strap On





Generally I will see something being done or a toy I haven't tried before at play events. I like to discover new things this way as if something interests me then I can ask questions about it while I'm there

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I think my issue is that i've always loved the lifestyle ideals and lifestyle, however i dont think i've ever just clicked into place with a Dom/me or anyone who would call themselves my potential owner.

I've only ever had a little play but i feel it was always missing those forfilling feelings that i know He or She would have my best interests in mind as opposed to being nothing more of a play toy to get bored of so its hard to try new things 

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I was always into taboo scat and fetish was looking mistress but always into rule play
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