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Pet play ...female dom with sub..true story

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Smack..smack....buzzing vibrator still inside u...and the ripples from my hands on ur ass....u Trembling beneath me.......i walk around to look at u....with eyes opened wide and gentle mascara droplets run down ur cheek...and u whisper thank u maam....and my heart jumps....hearing the words while ur eyes look at me makes me quiver deep inside...I grab ur leash and pull u close aggressively.....I then gentle whip ur face and u say thank u ma'am again but this time having the slightest bit of cracking in it from the tension of the collar and it makes me go mad...I tell u down with a stern voice and put the leash in ur mouth while u are on all fours....and I walk away to the near by chair and I make u watch me take off my panties and open myself just so u can see...I tell u to come ....u crawl to me and I stop u right before u are able to touch me with ur nose...and I slowly grind my pussy on ur face...then ask u if u deserve the reward of my juices....I take the leash out ur mouth and get tell u to beg....u whimper like a puppy and lighty lick my leg..and thighs with big eyes looking up at me until I pull ur leash and shove ur face in
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try me out!


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2 days ago, my pet and I went for a business trip. 
he is also my sissy slut and I have been too busy lately to serve his pussy.  Anyways he packed along some play stuff and his travesty outfit. The meetings took long and we were tired and retired to bed. When I woke I was so horny and need a fuck. So I went on got me dressed up and went to my sissy slutty wifey. 
 He was sound asleep , so sweet and fresh. His little clitoris”penis” is also asleep.

good. I started by caressing him gently and lovely. Moaning into his ears and stroking my hard-on dildo. Gently rolled him over, spread his legs and found my way to his tight pussy’.

applied sufficient lubes, starting probing and 🤛. Now he is getting awake and tried to resist.

shhhhhh, be a good wifey I said, yes my Queen was the reply. I was already too horny and need to explode. So gently I glide and guided my penis into his pussy. Oh the beautiful sound of his moaning drives me always wide.

I started pounding deeper and deeper. A good trained sissy, he complemented by twisting his waist and drawing me closer and closer and deeper inside him. 

I kept riding him wild, fast and furious until we both exploded..

as always. He did the cleaning up , you know what I mean!

he is the best wifey !

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