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The Trio: Part I (of II)


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For 12 days ago we were all together. First, there were 3 boys and 3 girls, with no relation to each other except friendship.
We had chosen her uncle's house, a former fisherman, right next to the beach. The proximity was such that some nights it was difficult to fall asleep with the deafening noise of the waves. A single room, where the kitchen and the living room merged, and against the wall rested a bunk bed and a bed. Two in each bed, randomly picked.

For bathing, there were a men's hour and a women's hour, where with our fellow ones we could wash next to a well that was about a hundred meters from the house, hidden in a small forest. In order to have hot water, it was necessary to take it out in the morning, and let it heat up in broad cylinders in the sun throughout the day. At the end of the afternoon, with the heat still strong, the tepid water served perfectly for a daily bath.

When I say that between the six of us there was only friendship, I lie. One of the girls and I were meeting to fuck for 3 months. Just fuck. A meeting between friends who found each other's body a way to forget the relationships that both had ended earlier that year. When we got there, we managed to cheat the draw and ended up in the same bed. We even managed to, by “luck”, get the top bunk. What happened in those first days is the fruit of another story. Three months of excellent fucking, but that was already being felt between us: either the relationship took a jump forward, or it was better to stop.

It was in fisherman's hut that we spent the first four days. The next five were spent at a popular music festival in the south of the country. We exchanged the walls for tents, the baths were communal, and the sex continued until it stopped making sense. The excess of days together, sleepless nights, repeated food and small quarrels dictated the end of the adventure. On the last night of the festival, she and I had little to talk about. She would return home in the next day with yet another girlfriend. Me, two more male friends and the “owner” of the fisherman's house (the only girl) would return for a few more days to the house by the beach.

We came back, but it wasn't the same anymore. On the one hand, routine had set in, there seemed to be little left to talk about, those who did little to help, continued without doing so, those who always helped, took on all the work of a domestic chore that nobody wanted to have. The hot nights lingered, and alcohol watered every meal.

On the last day before we returned, lunch had been served late, but ended up extending into the afternoon. It was a day to eat everything that was left over, and without a big meal prepared, we ended up with lots of snacks that were enough to satisfy our hunger and keep eating throughout the day. Always accompanied by alcoholic beverages.

No one got drunk, stamina was built up from so much drinking in the past days, no one felt bad, but by nightfall, the last barriers to total honest conversation had fallen. The conversation flowed well, and without remembering how, sex came up as the subject. But it wasn't a listing of things that had already been done, or the bragging of men together. An honest conversation, with details, technicalities, opinions, without being very horny about the thing, but mere curiosity in what was heard and told.

Almost suddenly, there was talk of threesomes and how none had actually made one until the finish, just started.
The opinion was what was expected: men said they wanted to have sex with two girls at the same time, she said she wanted to have sex with two boys. Maybe it was the alcohol, the lack of sleep, the excess of days together, but almost simultaneously, the three of us (men) assumed out loud that we could share a girl without any problem. When we just wanted to say that we could share a girl having a threesome, she must have heard that the three of us were going to share a girl at the same time, having a foursome. From there came her answer that she liked to do it, but she couldn't have them at the same time, but one after the other...


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