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UK foot fetish videos with northern accents?

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I really like the British accent in a video, but I've gotten soooo bored with the same london/ southern accent in every. Single. Video. Does anyone know where I could find any w/ any different accents or nah??


OK - strange one, but OK.

I do think there's a few Ladies who are actually/technically Northern but are also well spoken - a lot kind of considering there's an international audience.

I can't give out external links - but I can give you a couple of names to recommend.

There's also the problem that some of these Ladies I know sell on different platforms and some via other studios.   But, some to look out for.

Chloe Lovette (North-West)

Suzanna Maxwell (North-West; although I know She has done foot clips, I don't think some of them are out yet)

Mxtress Valleycat (North-East - she has done loads)

Laura Coates (North-East)

Porcelain Beauty (Liverpool)

Mistress Celeste (Newcastle)

There are likely to be a lot more, but these are a couple that jump from the top of my head.

Obviously I trust you'd use a paid for platform like clips 4 sale....

@eyemblacksheep.....so, after glancing over the few names and areas you presented, it seems there's room on the board for a strong Scottish accent 😂😂 I may look into this......lol

now I didn't list Scottish :) but I think there's always a market.

For Scotland the two obvious choices are Megara Furie and Miss Marilyn - although, Sir Claire Black is Scottish, albeit living in London so her accent has softened. 

Im from Bristol. Not the best accent though lol
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I'm from Newcastle! If you don't mind the geordie accent 😂

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