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I miss sucking your cock, Master

I miss the hot and smooth skin of the head of your dick. I want to swirl my tongue around the shaft of your rod while the tip of your sweet cock dances down to the back of my throat. I might gag a little on your tool and I relish it.

I love the feeling of possession as you fuck my face with your thick and hard cock. I love the feel of your turgid length as you swell in my mouth’s moist heat. I welcome the feeling of you lengthening and thickening in my mouth as you groan my name. My submissive mind purrs in response. My submission requires me to take more as I give more. More heat, more possession, more dominance, more satisfaction.

I can taste your precum on the tip of my tongue. A little salty and a little sweet and all my Master.

As you grab the sides of my head and start to pump into my willing mouth I glance up to lock eyes with you. We know. This is where our power lies Master. In your Domination and my submission. In your giving and my receiving.

More than anything else I want you to cum down my waiting throat. I crave it, more than air, more than life. Your cum is my reward. Your cum is the proof of life of the power we share willingly and freely.

Your breathing deepens and slows as a growl escapes your lips. I wait. I know. I accept. You grasp the back of my head and cradle me in your hands as you close your eyes. My lips clamp tight around the pulsing length of your cock. You pump my mouth with long smooth strokes as a shudder racks your body. I look up the length of your body to watch as your face tightens and release dances across your features. Ropes of hot cum spurt out of the head of your hard and thick cock to flood my mouth.

I suck your dick and milk every pearly drop of cum from your magical cock. Every drop holds the truth that I am a very, very good girl. YOUR good girl. Your only good girl. Your sweet submissive. Swallowing I know these truths.

I can feel every inch of your long body when you grab my hips from behind and press me along the front of you. You slide one hand around my neck and hold me by the throat. Your other hand and arm lock hard around my waist and pull me tight against your tense front. Your hand at my throat presses and squeezes until I feel my air constrict and my breathing quicken. “Your ass belongs to your Master, my sweet submissive.” You growl in my ear. I can feel your hot breath on my neck as you capture my ear lobe in your warm mouth. The delicious torture of my ear stops when you realize I have not acknowledged your statement of possession. You tangle your fingers into the hair at the back of my head. As you tighten your grip on my hair and pull roughly you demand, “What do you say?” “Yes Master” barely leaves my lips as I feel my pussy drench with hot wetness and my thighs start to tremble. Your whispered and graveled response of “Good girl” leaves me wrecked. I am yours.
Now where do I find a sub like this!!!
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She wrote as if she’d logged in to me with unrestricted access and downloaded my soul…
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