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Fantasies, Fantasies


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It was my first time there. Walking in alone was a rush both of *** and excitement, but for me, these were always holding hands. I had decided to come, and I wasn't going to back out now. A deep breath and in I go.

My senses were on fire. So many different people, new people... The place was so different than anything I had ever seen before, anywhere I had been before... My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to get off my chest, but for everyone looking at me, what they saw was another story.

My body was relaxed, back straight, a predator smiles on my face. I was there to find myself, to find others like me, to learn more... and I would.

I was having so much fun talking with this cute couple when I felt the energy change for me. It was like the sense of prey that had caught the eye of a hunter. The shiver running down my spine was caused by ***, but as causation goes, it caused my juices to pool on my sweet tight pussy. I turn around to look at whoever is looking at me, trying to find the eyes hunting me down and when our eyes lock, the fire I saw in on the other end fuelled my own. Even if I wasn't there to play, there was no way I could get out of this. We stare each other down, and the smile he gives me back tells me that he knows I have accepted the challenge. I didn't look down, I didn't submit. I accepted the challenge for him to make me, and he seemed oh so eager to prove to me who would end up on top. He walks over to where I am standing, slow, deliberate steps, his eyes locked on mine, the fire burning hotter every with every inch he came closer to me. He stood out his arm in an invitation that I promptly accepted. We walked through the party, there were people playing everywhere, some caught my eye, but my body senses were focused on the hunter guiding me along. The energy around us was driving me insane, everyone there was pumping with excitement. My body focused on this tall, broad-shouldered, bearded bear that was going to eat me alive if everything went right. I was just not going to make it easy for him.

He found a quiet place to sit and pulled me on to his lap. "Limits?" It was short and to the point which should probably have scared the fuck out of me. Not even a name?! "Water sports, Scat, ***, Feet, ***, Medical Stuff. You need to ask permission for speech restrictions and anal. When I say stop you stop." He didn't seem fazed at all by what I was saying and was paying close attention, which I saw as a good sign. "Okay." He got up with me on his lap which was not an easy feat and put me on the floor before immediately starting to guide me somewhere else. I stopped, and I pulled him to me. "Wait, what are your limits? I don't even know your name." His smile filled me with more *** and excitement than I ever thought I could experience. I should have stopped it. I should have protected myself, but the truth was, I was already stuck in his claws, and we both knew it. "You don't need to." He started to guide me again, and as soon as he found a corner space for us, he turned to me, and I knew the fight is on.

He pushed me towards the wall and kissed me savagely. The *** inside him was out, it was time for mine to join the party. My first move was to bite the shit out of his lip. It had to hurt or else he could get the wrong impression. As he grabbed my wrists and pushed them to either side of my head against the wall, I fight not to be caged by him. The lip bite got to him a little bit, and as he pulled away from me to look into my eyes, he smiled. I smiled, and the fight was on again. He kissed me again, but this time he bit me way before I got the chance to do it again. For the first time in a long time, the bite is actually strong which immediately stool a moan out of me. We were still fighting for control both of us after he bit me, he licked my lip to try and make it better, sooth the ***. But that's when I caught his own lip again. I could almost draw out ***, but half of the fight was going on with our torsos and arms and hands. Then suddenly he pulled me to him and pushed me to the ground. The carpet was soft and comfortable, and before he could fall over me, I moved out of place and tried to get on top of him. We both struggled for control, bite each other’s necks, shoulders, torsos and arms. There were marks all over both of us. We were both enjoying ourselves, but as time went on, I could feel myself going deeper, I knew I was going to be caught. The thrill of that was all that was keeping me going. If I thought I was going to win, I would have stopped fighting a long time ago.

The ground had some hidden hooks, and he used those to tie me to the floor, first one wrist, then the other, and then I only have my legs to fight which obviously doesn't last. I'm caught, and the hunter in my predator is so full of pride, just like I am. We both fought to win, and we both did in the end. The adrenaline was flowing throw our veins at the speed of light, and we were just getting started.


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Very nice

Thank you x I'm going to my first play party this Saturday so I've been fantasizing about it 🙈

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