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The Choice Of Words & Speech


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I used to write a lot on here but I gave up however! Today someone spoke to me in a way I haven’t been spoken to for what feels like millenia. I don’t know if you know who you are but it only took 10 words of your choice to bring me hope once again. It will probably fade but it was really nice to be taken back to some of the happiest times of my life. Thank you 🙏 I will write something for you now. I haven’t in a while so I’m probably quite terrible at it and have to get re-inspired buuuut we’ll see!

“While I cannot change the direction of the wind you can change the sail to meet desire in all its forms. The riddle of Charon down the river is solved by the harmony tuned by your long years of humanity. Instead of freeing your own you liberated others with a touch of divinity. Sorry… I am also one of those leeches, latching on to absorb anything that enters my domain. I am sorry, I thrive and survive from the pure power of others. That is what it means to be me.”

Djeondidheinwoejeijdiendidkwjejdhdosiosjd I couldn’t continue I apologise. Have a great night everyone and a great morning too ❤️
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