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Are any Indians into latex fetish or is it just me


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Hi latex friends!!

As I am new to this community and always enjoy seeing latex stuff, jusy wanted to introduce myself and would like to know more about the community in Asian countries.


Addiction to shiny dresses was there from my childhood days and over time it grew over to become my major desires I see in woman.

I know latex fetishism is quite popular in Eurooe and US, but..

Always wondered why asian country women hate these kind of stuff and seem as if they never know. Thank god with help of internet we are here to find people of same interests..


Also I have never tried on of them myself and planning to buy aome for my future partner also.. But the question is that do really women like it?? Are there any Indian/Nepali/ Bangla fans out there who wish to try it or like it

I’m not sure of who likes these, but I’m sure someone is there. As far as why they don’t like it, I think part of it has to do with parents. They don’t want girls to wear tight clothes as it can be very attractive for men. Atleast, that’s my theory. Over time, a lot of girls got used to that feeling. It’s harder to change as an adult.

Thankyou @Gundufor your prompt response.. But usually when they wear.. I hope all their feelings will re energize as experts say.. Theres a real story of a tibetian nun who found her feelings and pleasure when she wore a latex catsuit.


Anyday or someday in India also this would be accepted as a fetish and similar interested women would be still out ther as I believe..!!

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