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New to DDLG - A Daddy Dom


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This was amazing. And sorely needed 👏👏👏
You had me all the way before, and including, "She is not beneath you. She is your lover, your companion, and your best friend."- Great lines.
The rest is well explained and good advice to take. Especially more than some ever seek, and for the general, very broad subject of DDLG.
Nice one.🥂
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I wish more Daddy Doms would read this instead of pretending they know how to love submissives/Littles.

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Great advice for new or inexperienced daddy doms! The big ticket item to take from all this is - taking punishments and rewards seriously!!

If she’s done a good job all day, listened to daddy and followed the rules she should get be rewarded. Even if it’s a small prize like an ice creme cone, or a new colouring book. If you don’t do this littles won’t understand what is defined as good behaviour, sometime lashing out. I use a “star chart” each day she gets a star for good behaviour that she can redeem for prizes. Completing daily tasks can earn a bonus star.

For Punishment “the punishment must fit the crime”. You can’t just spank your little for something minimal or she’s got to truly earn it, and understand her punishment to correct the action. For example:

1 swearing - bar of soap/corner time
2 sneaking candy - no desert
3Too much gaming - no internet in the evening or gaming restrictions for a period of time
4 staying up late - early bed time.

You need to punish her, she’ll give you the “puppy eye” and “please, please, please, I’ll be good now routine”, you still need to punish her and she’ll respect you for it. If you don’t and fall for her trap. In time she will loose respect and trust in your ability to be a strong daddy for her in little space.
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