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Where do you get inspiration for various BONDAGE scenarios..I have a wicked imagination , inspired by certain websites..I adapt what I see and like to my own personal loves..Luckily, I am very good with my hands..and it is NOT what you are thinking..!..in making my own items..!.....How about you..?

Everything I make has 3 options in how everything locks...Firstly..2 options for self bondage..

1...An easy way to release ones self.

2...A very difficult way to release ones self....One would need to be very flexible..!

3...A lockable option where one would have to wait to be released.!..Imagine the possibilities...I would NOT recommend that unless you have a partner you can trust implicitly..!..and on NO ACCOUNT tether yourself to an immovable item or a fixed fitting..Most of all...have fun..!..Imagining various bondage scenarios can be nearly as exciting as living out ones fantasy..!

I have to add...that what I make is for personal use only and would NOT undertake any requests to make the items for any members.!..Photos will follow in my profile..!..


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