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Sub needing new inspiration


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Hello world.

English is not my first language so im sorry in advance.

Im a sub looking for some inspiration. Ive got this dom, our communication is great, we trust eachother, have gone through all the knowing eachothers boundaries stuff. Right now he is traveling so our communication is text and calls. 

He keeps asking me what I would let him do to me or what I would do to him that we didnt talk about already. My limits are very few, only thing im not into is knifeplay and feces. I told him he can bite me, put a leash on me, cum on me, scratch me, *** himself on me both vaginal, oral and anal and while i sleep, hit my face, beat my whole body, tie me up, pull my hair, bruise me all over, restrain me, tell me to give him oral whenever he want, make me play with myself, whip me, gag me, piss on me, and the list goes on, he owns me and can do anything to me. 

But does anyone have suggestions for things I could offer him? I wanna be creative but my mind just goes blank when he asks me cuz I feel like we already mentioned so much.

Looking for things to add to the list, both big and small. Maybe some new plays like the leash? 

Thank u in advance❤

Have you considered getting a smart vibrator that he can control with his phone wherever he is? Letting him hear how he effects you in real-time could be really hot.
Excuse me if this comes across as blunt but it sounds like you are offering everything and he still wants more. Either there is something specific he's after or he's never going to be satisfied.
Firstly have you actually met this guy in person or is it all from a distance currently? I ask because part of me wonders if he's just using this to get sexual pleasure from sex chat - if you've discussed boundaries, limits and the kind of dynamic you are both looking for he should have all the information he needs.

If it's not that and he's genuinely trying to get to know you, and what makes you tick, better - how about you write him a story that describes a specific scene you'd like to see played out? Now I know that may well play into what I've said above about him looking for wank material - but it could also work from the other perspective too - only you know the dynamic you have well enough to be able to decide where he's coming from.
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You could offer to -
Bring a 3rd person in
Peg him
Perform alone for him
Perform on someone else whilst he watches
Perform tasks for him that he sets up whilst not together
Give ideas of scenes
Allow object insertion
Gosh there is such a vast list…. 

I offered this info on the presumption that the dynamic is 2 sided but reading others opinions maybe I jumped in too quickly with an answer. 

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I think my first suggestion might be to start with what you've already discussed and see how things go from there

This sounds very one sided, and the usual result is he just wants stuff for a wank bank, has he said what he wants etc. Remember even though you happen to be sub you still demand respect and care, and most importantly you can say no, try just talking about the weather etc, see what happens, they usually just disappear...
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I think if it’s he’s a good Dom he will respect those limits and continue from there. Respect is key in bdsm so if he isn’t respecting you by wanting you to do more than you already agreed to, I’d say it’s a bad sign. 

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As mentioned above, it sounds more like he's after stuff for the wank bank while he's working away. I'd maybe elaborate more on the stuff you're keen to try/have him do, or flip it round and ask him what he wants to do. To me, the Dom should be the one taking the lead on things like that, he knows your limits, he shouldn't have any problems coming up with scenarios/stories of what hes planning on doing with you. If you're comfortable in sending him pictures, maybe surprise him with them every so often while he's away.
Sounds like he wants you to top from the bottom. Surely he should have some sort of responsibility to take this effort of thought process and creativity away from you and let you relax a little x
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