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Picture Window

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Picture window, that’s what they call it. An enormous

square of glass that does nothing more than frame

the spill of buildings, roads, cars and people all moving

about. Living their lives. I stand there, staring down

at all of them. Like a god admiring his creation, a child

watching their ant farm with avid eyes. Music unfurls

in the room. Slow, heavy. A bass that thuds in my soul,

my cunt. I hear the soft pad of footsteps beneath the

beat, know you’re moving about the room. Preparing.

Choosing. I keep my gaze forwards, outwards. Not

ignoring you, but waiting. Whatever you choose

is not my concern. I am here to indulge your whim,

to suffer at your pleasure. What good will seeing do?

I reach out and press a palm to the glass. It’s cold.

What would that feel like against my naked body,

my heated skin? Perhaps I’ll find out. I press closer,

my lips kissing the windowpane, fingertips leaving

tiny marks, a prelude to the bruises you might gift

my skin. My breath fogs the glass, blurring the

splodges of light that wink into existence as the

gloom darkens. Yellow pools behind me as

you turn on the light. In a moment, I go from

a secret observer to specimen in a box. An

animal at the zoo. A silhouette against the sun.

I’m tempted to scurry away from such scrutiny,

but all of a sudden you’re at my back, pressing

me harder into the spotlight. Hands slide my

shirt from my shoulders, my bra from my breasts.

My trousers from my hip and my panties from

my cunt. Then suddenly I know how it feels.

The chill against my nipples, the unyielding

glass against my soft curves. How many eyes

against my naked form? I stare out into the

darkness, roles reversed. The sound of a fly

unzipping is loud even with the music

pounding on. I tilt my hips in acceptance. Yes,


Incredible. One of the best pieces of writing I’ve seen here. More please.
👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 great reflection. No pun intended, maybe intended 😂. Great writing. Thank you

Yes, that is a very good read, well done and thank you 


totally 1 of my faves sf. very descriptive. i could envision the scene in my imagination vividly. u have a talent. xx


I love this, I really feel your emotion.

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