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The Castle of Emotions (dark)

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This is the promised companion piece to the dehumanised fuck doll story about a naked photo session on a grey day near luton airport. It's a true story.


Grey drizzle makes its trail across your face
Windstruck.Goosebumps betray the palid flesh .
"Fuck..What made you bring me to this ghostly place?"
A mournfully mood belies the thrill of such disgrace
Silent. Yet still the shutters click.
Time ceases. Plays a wicked trick
Bare ass framed by red raw and timeless brick
Surrendered naked frame shivers in the drizzling rain juxtaposed to please
Her fall from grace a delicious tease.

A flash. Then another.
No relent from this blizzard light attack.
All senses assailed.
Emotions exposed raw
Tears now join the raindrops as reality bites
Shutters once closed.
Her captors now artists of her release.
Primal emotions evoked.

So high now.

Heart pounding.

Our model shudders

Regret 's seedy smell begins to wreak

Sensitive soul. ..wrap me ..hold me...i beg
Gently bring me back.
From this castle of emotions
Don't let me crash to earth alone along this muddy track.

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