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Humiliation if you ask for it?

I am at the very least intrigued about being humiliated to a certain extent. Minimally be put in uncomfortable situations. I feel if I ask for a particular situation would I be embarrassed? If I'm not I guess I have to act that I am.
What do all you think?
I feel like if you asked for a particular situation/scene, and they go with it, if you'd be embarrassed without you asking, you'd probably be so with you asking. Besides, your degrader could "throw it" into your face that you asked for it. (Idea for those that want it. Lol)

it's the old paradox 

now, I don't want to chime out the whole "communication is key" thing - but - it kinda is, that if you don't communicate the types or specific scenarios/situations you would find humiliating the other person is just guessing and what one person finds humiliating another would not.


It is unlikely your partner will guess the specifics of any humiliation fantasy so communication is always key.

Personally I think talking about it away from the bedroom can help stop it spoling the fun in the moment. Also showing examples from porn, literature etc can help show your partner what you like.

The fact they can humiliate you about wanting to be humiliated is a bonus!
I normally ask for it because while guessing the degrader might hit one of my limits and that would ruin it all
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