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Gaps in the fetish clothing/gear market?


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I'm interested in starting a small business making and selling fetih clothing and gear, due to my skills I'm mostly thinking things that can be sewn or made (for example bondage gear like ball gags and harnesses might be more difficult)

I'm looking for people involved in any fetish community to give me some insight on gaps they would like to filled in the market for fetish clothing and gear?

My possible business partner has some background in making fetish gear and we're both formally educated seamstresses with interest in breaking into the business.

How's the market for adult baby clothing? as we have some background making items like these we already have available patterns.

Thank you for the help and feel free to drop any kind of suggestion !


the problem often is that, well, yeah - pretty much everything has been thought of unless you really have creativity and design skills for a next level.

usually when topics like this are raised in general what people want is to be able to go into a shop and buy something off the peg that's both their exact fit, something they like and affordable - and, unfortunately, we're in a day-and-age when this is simply not practical

to break into the industry, you're going to have to do some of your own market research - by visiting the markets, seeing what is for sale - seeing what the prices are like and seeing if there's anything you can offer those markets don't have.  Check also assorted online custom sites - because, well, a lot of stuff is a narrower and narrower market 

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There is definitely a market for outsize fetishwear for crossdressers anything above ladies 5xl your screwed,guys are built completely different to girls so even the available off the shelf items don't fit,I know a few people having the same trouble.

I did have a seamstress made a few PVC dresses but she's moved to USA, I used to pick a style I liked on honour and she would request detailed measurements and take payment for item and despatch a week later

I've not been able to find anyone else offering a similar service

I'm sure you could get plenty orders here and sites like tvchix,I would be interested in ordering a few outfits right away

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Hi,  I've been looking for someone who can alter some gear. Specifically making a wrestling singlet into an open crotch version. Cant find anywhere that I can get something I altered. Maybe there something in the fetish gear alteration market. 


For me its plus size fetish clothing that is sexy and fits well, I'm curvy and like to go to BDSM club nights etc. but find choices for appropriate clothing very limited. Good luck with your business hope it goes well.


The question of what to make/stock really depends on your particular clientele.  My best suggestion would be to start small, perhaps as a self-supporting hobby.  Make a few simple items that could be sold at events, to see what is popular.  Also, have business cards printed, so folks can come to you, if they wish.  For the time being, you will want to keep your workspace at home, or in the garage.  Don't rush to rent retail space until you have the customer/ flow to justify such a move.

On the matter of clothes, you and your partner might want to make some items for yourselves, to wear to events.  When you get compliments on your clothes, don't hesitate to mention that you made them yourselves, and hand out a business card.  Yes, people would really like to find something perfect, "off-the-rack".  However, stocking such a selection would require a monumental investment.  So, it is best to stick with custom-made, for the moment.  As you start-out in clothing, you will find that you need to go with the thinnest of profit margins---barely paying for your time/labor.  You will not be able to match the off-the-rack prices of cheap foreign imports.  So, use quality and fit as your selling points.  There are those who will eagerly pay the extra for those perks.  In this day and age, people are feeling starved for good customer service.

Do you make any leather clothing?  If you get into leatherwear, a good walking-foot sewing machine is a must (forgive me, if I state the obvious).  In my day, I made/sold custom leatherwear.  All of the leather clothing and floggers in my profile were made by me (except the tall boots, which I purchased at a Ren Faire).  My only off-the-rack leatherwear item was the leather bandana.  Those were simple to make, easy to stock, and did not require a lot of material.  Moreover, I only needed two different sizes.

I hope that this helps.  Good luck, and feel free to message me, if you have any questions.  I will do my best to answer them.

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Definitely needs to be more fetish clothing for those of the more heafy body types. Stuff that looks sexy and fits well. Including stuff for the ABDL community. It's so hard to find outfits that fit. 


if your still looking I'd check out the fantasy artwork of Sword and Sorcery, being able to buy these slave costumes to fit males is a possibility, the closest we get are belly dancing costumes

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The abdl market is flooded with those T shirt leotards everyone makes and I hate them haha. Definitely needs some variety. Proper footed babygrows, anything made of terry towel and traditional baby dresses with bloomers, bibs and bonnets would be lovely. That type of stuff seems to only be made for larger, masculine frames, so there's a gap in the market there. For petite ABs, the selection is mainly grown-up cut and overtly sexy. There's not many just cute and babyish garments like you would see in the baby section of a store
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