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Thats why we love to kink - lovestory

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It was a long day at work, it was mid-August and it was still unbelievable outside, the sun was just setting and the sky was turning a blue purple. The last light of the sun shimmered orange on the horizon. I went to pick up my girlfriend from work. She gave swimming lessons to teenagers at the local swimming pool. For days we made each other horny, via Whats App, we hadn't seen each other for a week.... I had packed a Satisfyer vibrator and wanted to surprise her with it. So I picked her up from training and accompanied her to the locker room. When I arrived, I squeezed into the locker room and pressed her hands against the wall. She dropped her towel and we kissed. My hand ran over her chest to her neck, squeezing first lightly and then harder. I started choking her lightly while kissing her. I still had a firm grip on her hands with my other hand. It got wilder and we turned around. I sat her down on the locker room bench and started playing with my hand in her crotch. I pinched her and hit flat past her swimming trunks. On the way back, I elegantly untied the knot from the panties and began to tease her. She looked at me with this "I want more looks" and started moaning softly. I want more daddy, she said. So I fingered her and after a while I showed her the vibrator. She went all out and took him. When the vibrator was in her pussy, I turned it on. You can control this vibrator remotely with your mobile phone and I told her to get dressed again. She looked at me confused for a moment, then with a kinky grin. On the way to the car and past the cash register of the swimming pool, I raised the step of the vibrator and she let out an unwanted moan. The lady at the checkout looked confused at us and we wished her a pleasant evening. I had to restrain myself from laughing and just looked at my girlfriend with a grin, who gave me an evil look. In the car, I played with my second hand on the phone the whole trip and kept increasing the vibration strength or resting my hand on her thigh to make her even rattier. She almost came, but before that happened, we had already arrived at her home. I opened the car door for her and pulled her out of the car towards me. Took her by the hip and kissed her passionately. Once inside, we both couldn't take it anymore. I tore off her jacket and took her up. Meanwhile, we kissed all the time and she pulled on my shirt. opened button after button as she ran her tongue down my throat. Still moaning through the vibrator, she told me that she was incredibly wet. She wanted me so badly at that moment that she grabbed my balls and started massaging them. Finally in her room, I threw her on the bed. I slowly started to take off her top and unzipped her bra. She had such incredibly beautiful breasts that I loved to play with. I sucked on them and snapped against her other nipple. I gave her a light whistle on her face and asked if she was well-behaved. She replied yes daddy. That gave me the rest and I ripped off her pants while she took off my shirt. I choked her again and started tying her up. When her hands were fixed, my kisses traveled from neck to chest to stomach. Further and further down. Until my tongue reached her clitoris. I started licking her and she grabbed my curls with her hand. First gently, then more and more intensely. I removed the vibrator and inserted a plug with a chain into her. Whenever I pulled on this chain, she moaned. In the meantime I was incredibly hard and lay down next to her to cuddle. Her hands moved very quickly to my pants and unfastened the belt. I removed the vibrator and inserted a plug with a chain into her. Whenever I pulled on this chain, she moaned. In the meantime I was incredibly hard and lay down next to her to cuddle. Her hands moved very quickly to my pants and unfastened the belt. She began to caress him and take him in her hand. Grabbed hard and we kissed. Started sucking one and massaging my balls and sucking on my nipples. My adders burst and she asked if she could ride me. I said yes and she sat on top of me. Her pussy was so incredibly wet that it just slipped in. She was so tight that the plug was clearly felt in her ass. Slowly, she rode me, moaning. I took her breasts and massaged them. She brought me close to orgasm and then descended. My cock was almost blue from the accumulated blood and it was so full of blood that the veins stood out very clearly. I took her and pushed her head into bed. Began to spank them. She begged me to have it. I pressed her head into the pillow and started taking her. The clapping of her ass on my thigh was clearly heard, but was drowned out by her moans. With my hand I fingered her clitoris, pulled her up by the neck, hugged her from behind. She got louder and louder and whispered give it to me daddy. So I pushed her back into the pillow and became very rough. More and more violent and violent. She screamed. She said she would come right away and I couldn't hold back anymore. I moaned and came into her as she moaned incredibly loudly. She also came. Exhausted and trembling, we snuggled up to each other. She rested her head on my chest and I ruffled her hair. Until we fell asleep.

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